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Updated: 5 Unique Ways to Do Kegels

I have been a long time believer in kegels, I suggest them to anyone who will listen. Recently I found out that kegels should only be done under the supervision of a professional. If kegels are done incorrectly then they can cause more harm than good. Another fact that I came across was that 70% of people who are doing kegels are doing them incorrectly. The devices in this article claim to make you tighter, but in reality that can cause damage to your body. I will be looking into other methods to perform kegels, but please take note that this article is out of date and that I no longer suggest kegel exercisers. To read more on this please refer to this article that goes into more detail over the unspoken truth of kegels.


Kegels are recommended for men and women to strengthen pelvic floor muscles. Benefits of Kegels include, but are not limited to, better bladder and bowel control, stronger orgasms, and prevents prolapse of organs. To perform a kegel exercise you will locate the muscles that you use to stop peeing mid-stream, then you will squeeze these muscles for 10-15 seconds, release and relax for 3-5 seconds. Repeating 10 sets, 3 times a day will show a significant change within a week!

I found that after a while I got bored doing my Kegels daily or that I wasn't making any more progress and I ventured into the world of kegel exercisers! I have tried the Ami by Je Joue and the SinFive Emigi. Both of these are basic but fantastic and can get kind of boring after a while. I have been doing research these past few weeks and wanted to share with my dear readers some of the most unique options I have found to help you do your kegel exercises! 

1.1. Electrical Stimulation - 

Electro Stimulation is a new concept to me. I heard about it a couple of years ago when Jopen released a vibrator by the name of Intensity. The Intensity had the look for a regular rabbit vibrator but it inflated and had two metal plates that would send electric pulses into your pelvic floor muscles. Once inserted you would inflate the device to fill your vaginal canal, pressing the plates into place against your vaginal walls. Apparently, the device had 10 levels of intensity and could cause an orgasm on demand. I have never used one, so this is merely hearsay.

Electrical Stimulation works by causing the muscle it is placed against to contract, once the pulse has stopped the muscles relax. It seems that most electrical stimulation is used for urinary inconsistency and stronger orgasms. The risks include bleeding, tenderness, or pain. You should take precautions when practicing electro-stimulation. Most of these cannot be used in public and your pants need to be off in order to get the full effect.

2. Berman Center Dilator Set -

These are commonly used by women who suffer from vaginismus. Vaginismus is when the vagina involuntarily contracts and penetration is painful. Starting with the smallest dilator and doing your Kegels around them can and working your way up you build muscle memory and learn to relax and control your PC muscles.  It seems that dilators are used mainly for this use.

When I came across these I thought that for kegel usage you would start with the largest, do Kegels around it, and work your way down. But obviously, from the above research, this is incorrect. I imagine that you may still be able to use them the way I had thought, but treatment of uncontrollable vaginal muscle tightness seems to be the main use. Like with the previous option, these cannot be used in public and your pants need to be off to be able to fully use this device.

3. Magic Banana -

The Magic Banana is another item that has more than one purpose. It is a loop with a gentle curve upwards. The curve is to stimulate your g-spot while you squeeze your PC muscles around the loop. The loop provides resistance. Apparently, it can also be used by gently sliding it in and out, causing the vaginal walls to contract without conscious thought of doing it. It is marketed as the only kegel exerciser that conforms to the body of the user. As with the previous two, this is not a device you can use in public and you need to take off your pants in order to properly use it.

4. K-Goal -

The K-Goal is a device that connects with your smartphone to give you feedback as you do your Kegels. The K-Goal will help you contract the right muscles and measure how tightly you are able to squeeze those muscles. The trainer also comes with software that helps to design an exercise regimen around your needs and skills. Not only all that, but it keeps data of how far you have come and you can go back and compare where you were when you first started and just how much you have changed in that time. The K-Goal is squishy and fits 95% of body types. The insertable bit is squishy and adjusts to your body type and vaginal canal. This is the first one on my list that you can use without having your pants off. You can go jogging, host meetings, and go about your everyday life while wearing the K-Goal.

5. Aneros

The Aneros looks like a butt plug to me. It's been on the market for some time now and I haven't looked into it because I can't get over how much it looks like an anal toy. The Aneros is inserted into the vagina and gripped by the PC muscles, and the bulb hooks into your g-spot. Apparently, through a rocking motion, you can stimulate your clit and g-spot while exercising your PC muscles as well. This is another device that can be used in public while going about everyday life. 

Bonus! Lovelife Krush Smart Kegel Exerciser -

The Lovelife Krush is a blue tooth kegel exerciser that runs off of an app, similar to the K-Goal. Also, like the K-Goal you can measure and track your exercise with the Krush. Unlike the K-Goal, this one vibrates. The vibrations are in sync with how hard you squeeze, or you can design vibration patterns and have your partner use them as a tease while out in public. The Krush is more of a toy than a kegel exerciser, but according to reviews, it doubles well as both. 


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