Friday, December 30, 2016

Spice up Your Love Life with "Sex Fortunes" & "Glow-in-the-Dark SEX!"

When I think sexy board or card games I usually go straight to strip poker or that cheap glow in the dark dice that you buy at the checkout counter of sex shops. I was looking for other fun ways to spice things up in the bedroom or humorous adult games to play at our game nights and came across Kheper Games. Completely intrigued by their selection of adult games centered around everything from bridal parties to weed, I reached out to them and they offered their new games, Glow-in-the-Dark SEX! and Sex Fortunes, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Thus far, the company has been lovely to work with and very easy to get in contact with.

The games came in a nondescript box and the company's name is discreet enough that your mailman or the delivery guy isn't going to wonder what's in the box. Let's be honest, though, that's their job, your delivery box could say it's from huge giant dongs dot com and they wouldn't notice or care! Back to the games. I'm used to Hasbro games and Maverick cards - read: cheaply made. Even the boxes that the games come in from Kheper Games are durable, thick, and impressive. Both of the games I received came with detailed instructions in English, Spanish, French, and Dutch.

Poly Hubby and I started with the Sex Fortunes cards, so it's only fair that I start with those here. The box that holds the cards is in no way discreet, there are naked people on theFleshswords, Sex Wands, and a lot more. The other 26 cards have names like 'The Sun," "The Moon," "The Fool" and more. They each correspond with the picture on the card and the meaning is easy to figure out. The box that holds the cards is in no way discreet, there are naked people on the front and the word sex on just the front twice There are 78 cards in total, and 52 of them are named similar to regular cards. We have the One of Clits, Two of Clits, etcetera, all the way up to the Queen of Clits and King of Clits. Other cards include the One, Two, Three, King, Queen, and Jack of Testicles, Fleshswords, Sex Wands, and a lot more. The other 26 cards have names like 'The Sun," "The Moon," "The Fool" and more. They each correspond with the picture on the card and the meaning is easy to figure out.

I spent more time laughing at the names of the cards than I did reading the instructions, and I read the instructions thoroughly. Playing with these cards is similar to playing with tarot cards, or so I am told. I don't play with tarot cards, so I don't have anything to compare it to. You, the reader, goes through the cards and selects a card to represent your partner, shuffle and cut the deck, and then lay out the cards as directed on the instructions. The receiver of the reading then picks out the cards they wish to act out if the death card is played then the receiver does not get to pick cards to act out but instead reads the fortune of the partner.

The instructions for the Sex Fortunes card games includes an optional card reading, and it instructs you on how to read the sex cards as if it were an actual tarot reading. Poly Hubby and I had a lot of fun playing with these and wound up trying a lot of different positions that we haven't found in other games or books. This game also helped us to get out of our vanilla funk and was interesting to explore tarot cards in a more relaxed, fun setting.

I believe in saving the best for last, and when I got these games I was eager to try both of them, not really sure which one I thought would be "best." But I'm glad that we waited on the board game: Glow-in-the-Dark SEX! The text on this box glows in the dark and the box boasts "Two Games In One!" Again, this box isn't discreet, it says sex on the cover and is very suggestive. The game comes with 2 glow in the dark game markers, a board game, and a spinner that reminds me of twister. Setup is simple, place the pieces on the start space and take turns spinning the spinner.

The instructions don't tell how to decide who to go first, but we were so eager to start it didn't matter who spun first! Spin the spinner and move to the space on the board that matches the color you landed on, and perform the action you land on. If you land on a 'LIGHTS OUT?' space, you are told to hold the board game, pieces, and spinner up to a light for 30-60 seconds, turn off the lights, and complete one round with the lights out. There is a completely different set of actions for the lights out portion of the game.

The actions include things like "remove a piece of clothing," "spankings,"  and "kiss something." The objective of the game is to, of course, make it to the last space that reads "SEX!" Poly Hubby did well with this game and it was hot to draw out foreplay longer than we are used to. I did have trouble with wanting to rush things and there was more than once that Poly Hubby had to say no and insist that we finish the game. Once we reached the end of the board game, we gave the spinner one last spin and started sex with the suggested position that the spinner landed on. Suggested sex positions are missionary, standing, doggy, and more. The only thing that I really don't like about the board game is that it only has 2 pieces. As a polyamorous woman, I kind of like the idea of leaving the floor open for a partner to join us if they so wish, and the Glow-in-the-Dark SEX! game does not give us that option without improvising and adding to it.

Poly Hubby and I had a lot of fun playing with these games, and they definitely brought back a flame that we didn't even realize we had lost. Not only did they help get things heated up, but they also gave us ideas for new sex positions and things to try that we would not have thought of on our own. Poly Hubby said that out of the two his favorite was the Glow-in-the-Dark SEX! game and he truly enjoyed the aspect of turning the lights off and adding a little bit of fun that way. We usually don't have or enjoy sex in the dark, but making out in it like a couple of teenagers was definitely something that we didn't realize we were missing!

You can get these games and more at Kheper Games.


These games was given to me for free by in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

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