Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Jodi's Surprise: A Double Penetration Erotica

Note: This is a rough draft. I will probably revisit this at a later date and edit/revise. I do hope you enjoy it. Constructive criticism is completely welcome.


Jodi knelt, naked and blindfolded on the hotel bed, as her husband had instructed. She sat up straight and held her hands behind her back. Intently listening for any noise indicating that someone else was in the room. She had been in this position for about thirty minutes and was beginning to grow stiff when the door opened, feet shuffled into the room, and the door clicked closed. It sounded like two people had entered the room, but Troy, her husband, knew that she was not open to a third partner` and Keith, her boyfriend, was out of town. Nonetheless, she trusted Troy to stay within her limits and was excited for whatever he had planned.

Jodi tensed when she heard the feet shuffle into the bedroom portion of the hotel suite, she suddenly felt as if she was on display for strangers and her entire body flushed with embarrassment. She relaxed when Troy said, “God! You look lovely.” She felt his knuckles brush against her cheek and leaned into his hand. With his other hand, he cupped her breast and placed a kiss on her forehead. “I hope you’re ready for my surprise.” He whispered in her ear, breath hot on her neck, sending goose bumps racing down her spine. His hand left her face and breast, leaving her with a cold lonely feeling. For a moment there was whispering in the far corner of the room and after a moment Troy instructed her to take off the blindfold.

Nervous and shaking, she reached up and pushed the blindfold off her face. It took a moment for her eyes to adjust, but when they did she saw that there was, in fact, two people in the room: Troy and Keith. Apparently, Keith’s business meeting had ended a couple of days’ sooner than expected and he had gotten with Troy on the best way to surprise Jodi. They were both still fully dressed and seemed anxious. Jodi smiled and motioned for Keith to come to her. She had missed him during their time apart. He climbed onto the bed, and with his hands buried in her hair, kissed her with such a passion and desire that her world started to spin.

Keith climbed back off of the bed and began to take off his shirt. Jodi noticed that Troy had completely undressed and was sitting in a chair in the corner of the room, idly playing with himself. Naked, and fully erect, Keith climbed back onto the bed, he pushed Jodi into a laying position and pinned her to the bed. He began to kiss her wrists, nipping here and there, working his way down. He grazed his teeth along the sensitive skin of her inner elbow, licked her collarbone, all while keeping her pinned down. She moaned softly when he reached her nipples, flicking his tongue against one and then the other.

Jodi looked over to Troy, wishing he’d join them, to see him in a trance-like state, watching her and Keith. Troy’s hard cock in his hand, slowly stroking it as he watched his wife’s boyfriend tease and please her. In her moment of distraction, Keith had placed both of her wrists under one of his hands and had begun to gently massage her clit. Her body bucked under him at the first touch. He had a way of edging her to the brink of an orgasm and bringing her back down again, keeping her right on the lip of bliss.

In her ecstasy, Jodi’s focus on the room spun out of control and she had to close her eyes to keep from losing control. With her eyes closed, she felt the bed shift as another body joined them, and felt Keith release her. He had stopped playing with her and now Troy was between her legs with a mischievous grin on his face. With little warning her buried his face into her pussy, flicking his tongue against her clit, his teeth grazing her lips. Keith had positioned himself to have access to her nipples and gently kissed and sucked on them.

Jodi dug her hands into both of her men’s hair, tugging, as she bucked and moaned, cumming over and over again as Troy worked his magic. When she was breathless and begging him to fuck her, the men laughed and got up, instructing her to get up as well. Troy lay on the bed, cock standing at attention and Jodi climbed on top of him, reverse cowgirl style. She lowered her pussy over his cock and moaned as he filled and stretched her open. He reached around and played with her tits while she rocked back and forth on his dick moaning as he hit her g-spot.

Keith was watching her take Troy, stroking his cock, eyes fixed on her little pussy, licking his lips. Jodi wasn’t sure if this was going where only her fantasies had gone, but God! She hoped it was. She licked her fingers and started playing with her clit, leaning back on Troy’s cock to give him a messy kiss as she tried to keep rhythm. Troy pulled slipped his fingers into her hair and jerked her head back, exposing her neck. This must have been a signal because Keith climbed on top of the two lovers and slipped his cock into her as well!

Jodi almost screamed when both dicks were fully inside of her. Surprised that it was actually happening, straddling the line between pleasure and pain and trying to adjust to this new feeling. Troy gently bit her neck, causing her pussy to flood with new juices and tighten up around the two cocks inside of her, and then released her hair. Jodi went back to playing with her clit and kissing Troy and Keith nipped at her ears, neck, and nipples. Both of the men began rocking and found a rhythm that felt amazing for all three of them. As one’s dick would slip almost out of her, the other would dive in as deep as possible.

Clutching at anything she could, Jodi wound up with her nails in Troy’s thighs and her lips firmly planted on Keith’s as she stifled moans. Without warning, Troy pulled out, leaving her feeling less full than she wanted at that moment. Keith remained inside of her and lifted her off the bed. Standing, he held her ass and positioned her in a way that he was still inside of her, but so that Troy could enter her as well. Together, her two men bounced her on their cocks, stretching her in way that up until this point she had only imagined.

With one hand on Keith’s shoulders, Jodi licked the fingers of her other hand and furiously played with her clit, rocking on the edge of an orgasm. She held onto the edge of that orgasm until both of her men were buried to the hilt inside of her, and only then did she let go. Her pussy clenched, rocked, and spasmed around the two dicks inside of her. She bit down on Keith’s shoulder, and felt Troy’s hands dig into her hips as he tried not to explode. Troy pressed his body against her back and bit her shoulder blade, causing her to whimper even louder.

Once her orgasm had subsided, Troy and Keith pulled out of her and Keith tossed her onto the bed on her belly. Troy got in front of her and helped her onto all fours. He then cupped her chin and prodded against her lips with his member. Meanwhile, Keith was gently massaging her clit and stroking his dick. When Jodi got a rhythm going on Troy’s dick, her tongue circling the head and lips tightening at the base, Keith pushed himself into her. She moaned around Troy’s dick.

Trying not to lose focus on Troy, Jodi brought one hand up to his balls, and looked up to meet his eyes. Keith had a firm grip on her hips and was pounding into her as hard as he could. She could feel him hitting her a-spot and it took everything in her power to continue with the blowjob. Troy was moaning and playing with her hair. She could tell that both of her men were about to bust. When Troy’s dick was twitching in her mouth, he pulled out of her, motioning for Keith to do the same.

Keith got under her and Troy was on top this time, but both of the men entered her and started fucking her. This time there was no rhyme or rhythm to their thrusts, they were both eager to get off and she could tell. Keith came first and after emptying himself into her, all while Troy kept going, he pulled out. Keith wiggled out from under Jodi and Troy pulled her head back by her hair. As he came he sunk his teeth into her neck, trying not to moan as he emptied himself deep within her.

Spent, the three lovers lay in the hotel bed, the two men holding Jodi on each side.

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