Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Pastease For All Your Tease-y Needs


Pastease sells a wide variety of cute, sexy, and nerdy pasties. I chose three designs that I thought I would like: Batman, mermaid shells, and flowers. All of their pasties are handmade and have been since 2002! They are made of latex-free, medical grade, waterproof, replaceable adhesive. More on that later. Most of their designs, including the three I got, are made with felt. Felt is soft, durable, and waterproof, making it the perfect material to pair with their adhesive.

What is it?

Pasties are used in the burlesque scene but don't be afraid to add them to your bedroom or wear them under your clothes when you go bra-less to hide your nipple outline. Pastease pasties are made to cover the nipples and add a bit of flare to your costume or lingerie. You apply them to clean skin, it is okay if the area is wet as the adhesive is waterproof. Just make sure there isn't any oil or lotion on your skin as this could cause the material the pastie is made of to deteriorate.

These pasties are around 3 inches, so if you have smaller breasts, it completely covers the areola and breast. I am a 34 B/C, so it covered most of my breast, but still looked really cute. I have only worn mine for a strip tease for PolyHubby, sex with the boyfriend, and under my clothes for a couple of hours this winter. I have read of burlesque ladies who wear them for an entire show and they stay stuck on as if you had just put them on!

What's so special about it?

If you aren't sold on them being waterproof, durable, and handmade maybe seeing just how cute they look will sway you. Below you will find a handful of NSFW pictures of me modeling the pasties. 

What's wrong with it? What's the "catch?"

When I took the batman pasties off of the protective backing, the felt stretched out of form slightly, causing the pastie not to completely sit right on my breast. You can't really tell, and it doesn't make any difference in the performance of the pastie, but it can be irritating if you are a perfectionist or notice small things like that.

Another thing to take note of the adhesive on the back of the pasties are one-time use only. If you just wear it for a couple of hours and don't do anything to cause you to sweat or cause wear on the pasties, you can use them a couple of more times. Pastease realizes that having to replace the entire pastie can be tedious, and instead offers adhesive refills!

They are incredibly sticky. While that can be a good thing, I found them somewhat uncomfortable to take off. Not enough to make me not want to wear them, kind of like a not-too-sticky band-aid. My nipples are very sensitive after getting off, taking them off after sex was more painful than I had expected. If you have super sensitive nipples like me and plan on buying refills after each use, you can remove the pasties with alcohol or water to ease the discomfort of taking them off. I plan on reusing them until the adhesive won't stick anymore, and then I'll buy more refills, so the discomfort isn't enough to deter me from the product.

How do I care for it?

I keep my Pastease pasties stuck to the backing that came with them, in the packaging that they came in, in my toy box. It's best to keep them away from lube, oils, and lotions as these could stain and/or damage the felt.

Is this toy for me?

That's for you to decide. I can tell you why Pastease is an awesome company and I can rave about how amazing the pasties they sell are (refillable sticky!!), but only you can decide if they're worth it. Honestly, at $10 a pop, it would be crazy to not give them a try!

Final thoughts?

Personally, before receiving these I wasn't sure if I was going to like pasties. I always imagined I'd either go with the tassle kind of none at all. After trying these out, I'm so happy that I gave them a try. I absolutely love Pastease pasties and I will be building up my collection of Pastease pasties very quickly in the near future.

I was given the Pastease Pasties for free in exchange for my hoenst and unbiased review. 

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