Monday, February 13, 2017

Sexual & Non-Sexual 2017 Bucket List (The Continually Updated Version)

I cannot be the only one who gets excited to make a new bucket list each year. Of course, this is the first year it'll be on something I can't lose... I'm notorious for making lists and losing them! This year I have made two bucket lists, a sexual one, and a not sexual one.

Some of these are broken down into bite-size monthly goals, that you can see in my monthly goal posts and others are one-time things that I want to do. I highly expect to cross things off and add them as I think of or do them! That means this post will be updated monthly - hopefully.


Wear lingerie under my clothes on a date
Double penetration in vagina
Host and attend a sex toy party
Publish an erotica on Kindle
Outdoor suspension
Wear vibrating panties in public
Have public sex
Own a sex swing
Have a sex marathon (at least 6 hours in bed!)
Naked twister
Keep a sex spreadsheet
Give PolyHubby more BJs
Have PolyHubby rip clothes off me
Take an online sex course
Buy & complete a KamaSutra
Attend a munch
Have sex on the hiking trail
Make a clone-a-willy
Have sex while partner is driving


Save $1k
Visit 3 new states
Stay on top of my blog & personal goals
Stop picking my lips
Try bubble tea
Don't fail any college classes
Take a painting class
Go skinny dipping in the ocean, a river, or a lake
Go to a concert (Panic at the Disco)
Attend a music festival
Unplug for 24 hours
Play paintball
Host a nerf war
Don't complain about my birthday
Go camping
Establish a date night with PolyHubby
Make melted crayon art
Learn to belly dance
Stick with my exercise schedule
Flip a coin road trip
Family pictures
Make something once a month
Read one book a month
Hike once a week

What's on your bucket list? What things from my bucket list are you excited to hear about?

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