Friday, February 3, 2017

January Goal Recap & New Goals for February

If you guys have been with me for a while, you've noticed that I've been quiet or sporadic this past week or so. I went through a breakup, and while it was as rough as it could have been, some things were said that sent me into a depressive state. As I was coming out of the depression, I got a stomach bug. My life has been put on hold for too long and I'm ready to get back at it! So, let's recap on my goals, set new ones, and get back to business!



Write at least one post a week. I got to where I wanted to post Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Without a full time away from home job, this should have been doable. But going by my goal, once a week, I stuck with this! 

Utilize social media management apps. I stuck with this one as well, up until last week. I have major plans for my social media outlets, but I've found that it's tough to stick with updating them. In the upcoming months, I hope to use apps more often and engage a whole lot more! 

Join 5 blogging groups. I did this one! Yay! I haven't used them as much as I would have hoped because a lot of them don't accept or are not as welcoming to adult blogs. I'm working on finding a couple that is solely for adult bloggers and people who enjoy those types of writing, or making my own! 

Host one giveaway. This is another yay! I am hosting a giveaway with EdenFantasys and it will end on the 13th. If you haven't entered yet, be sure to do that before the 13th!

Make $100 in affiliate marketing. Below is a list of where I have affiliate accounts at, how much I made, and the total.
EdenFantasys    $77.49
GoodVibes        $0.00
SheVibe            $15.51
Tantus               $18.80
Early2Bed         $0.00
FleshLight         $0.00
SSSH Erotica    $0.00
Split Peaches     $0.00
Total                  $111.80

So, I made my financial goal for Poly Love & Sex this month! Woo! If you want to buy awesome toys and porn and want to support my blog, feel free to click through the links above. 


Exercise daily or bi-daily. I did not exercise once this month. I kept putting it off. Unless you count that one weekend that the family and I went hiking on the 2.25 trail. I don't count that. 

Orgasm every day. I did this the first week and then sporadically when I could. I kept making excuses and skipped a lot of days. Bi-daily might be a better place to start with this goal.

Go to the park weekly. Another failed goal. We went twice last month. That means I went to the park half of the amount I said I would. Time to amp it up. No excuses!

Create one thing. My 'thing' for January was PolyHubby's scarf. I did not finish it. It has been sitting on his desk for weeks, untouched.

Read one book. I read about one fourth of The Last Star. Again, time to get on top of my goals. No excuses. 

January I didn't do nearly as much as I had set out to do. Going back over my goals and seeing just how much I failed was somewhat upsetting! February I'm going to put in more effort and make sure I stick with what I say I'm going to do!



100 views per page. I need to share old posts more than I do. Using the sharing apps I came across last month, I will get 100 views on each and every page of my blog this month. 

Make $200 in affiliate marketing. Last month I did $100, and I didn't even get out there and socialize as much as I wanted to. This month I'm going to make $200 and do it from socializing. 

Write 1 erotic piece. I can't share the details, yet, but I got accepted to write for an online magazine! I'm very excited about this opportunity and hope that I can produce at least one erotic piece for them this month! I'll be sure to share it on my social media and maybe make a blog post about it. What kind of erotica do you like to read? Feel free to share a link in the comments.

Write 3 blog posts a week. I did fantastic with this for a while, but it dwindled off and I stopped posting as much as I would have liked to. This month I have plans to have backup content for daaaayyyys. Which means I'll be writing a lot and staying on top of things here at Poly Love & Sex.

Have 100 members in my facebook group. I have a facebook group called 'Let's Talk Toys.' It's centered around sharing unique toys, reviews of toys we want, and discussing the various uses for sex products. I'd like to grow it from it's meek 60 members to 100! I know this will be easy peasy. If you would like to join, send me a message from my contact page


Walk 1 mile a week. PolyHubby and I are starting to do more outside stuff. Last weekend we went hiking and had a ton of fun! We took the 2.25 'Family Trail' and talked more in that time than we have in weeks! Even if PolyHubby doesn't go with me, I still want to make an effort to walk once a week. I love the way I feel afterward, and I think it will help me be more okay with being outside. 

Finish PolyHubby's scarf. I want him to wear this damn thing before this winter is over! I will finish it this month if I have to crochet during every spare second!

Finish The Last Star. And start on the first Sleeping Beauty in Anne Rice's erotic series. 

Make an exercise routine & stick with it! I think this might be easier if I had an exercise buddy. While I finish getting over this nasty virus, I'm going to search for another stay at home person who would like to get together and exercise with me. 

Orgasm. I set this goal in the middle of 2016. I put it off until the new year. And I failed to stick with it. I don't think orgasming every day is doable for me, but I should aim to at least get off 3 days a week. I have so many awesome toys, and they only get used during sex. I don't think I'm going to keep an Orgasm Diary, cause I got bored with that, but I do need to get off more! 

Question Time!

What are your goals for February 2017? Are you excited for Valentine's Day? Have you entered my giveaway (CLOSED) yet?

See if I achieved my goals and my new goals for March.


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  1. An orgasm a day?! if only i could be so lucky! haha

    As far as erotica goes, I am always excited to read lesbian fantasy stories :] omegaverse is also a guilty pleasure (don't tell anyone!) though there is not a lot of lesbian stories i've been able to find in that genre...

    Good luck with your goals!

    1. An orgasm a day fizzled out. Lol. I do want to get off more often tho.

      I need to have more girl on girl sex before I can write lesbian porn. Lol. That's on my bucket list. ^_^

      I have no idea what omegaverse is. I will have to look into that.