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Review of the Squick: Ovipositor Alien Dick

Fantasy Fetish Toys

I came across fantasy fetish toys a couple of years ago and was immediately intrigued. While I never took the plunge and indulged in these types of toys, I have kept up with the best companies and their new and upcoming products! Primal Hardwere is one of these unique, amazing companies that cater to very specific fetishes.

When I came across Primal Hardwere I just knew that I had to tell you guys about them. I reached out to the owner to discuss collaborating. They agreed to send me the lovely Squick in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. Let me tell you, I am pleasantly surprised and quite happy with this toy. I cannot wait to tell you all about it!


I've been fascinated with ovipositor dildo's since I first learned of them, but when the Primal Hardwere representative suggested the Squick my first reaction was not positive. My first thought was "that thing?! with the spikes, ridges, and eggs?" I took the risk, and accepted the offer anyway, despite my doubts that I would enjoy it.

I've never been so happy to be so wrong! First things first, the companies representatives have some
kick ass intuition. You are able to 'build your own' dildo or sex toy with Primal Hardwere (PH), and this includes choosing the color(s). I asked the representative that I spoke with to surprise me, and boy did they! My Squick arrived as a beautiful shimmery purple with
gorgeous blue spikes. The choices for these colors were not discussed but compliment each other well and happen to be my favorite colors!

Enough bragging about the awesome people employed by PH. My items arrived in a nondescript box with the sender being PHLLC. The dildo was in a sealed plastic bag and the egg mold was just in the box. Instructions were included on how to make the eggs perfectly for the size mold and dildo I had gotten.

Even though I knew I wouldn't be able to use the dildo until PolyHubby got home and the eggs were made, I took it out and played with it, anyway. The silicone is the softest, squishiest, most amazing silicone I have had the pleasure to play with. The spikes are pliable and the ridges are lovely- more on this in a bit.

The Eggs

I am usually a stickler for rules and instructions, but I had watched so many videos on PrimalHardwere's website, that I was sure I knew how to make the eggs. I did not. I used only 1 box of gelatine and wound up with half eggs. Considering it takes up to at least 3 hours for the eggs to set, I was very disappointed by this setback.

The suggestion for firm, full eggs is 1/2 cup to 1 box (or 1oz) of gelatin, and you need 2 boxes for this mold. I created my second batch of eggs as per the included instructions, but still wound up with foam! I recommend using 2.5 oz of gelatin and scooping off the foam before pouring.

You can only use the eggs once, but you can make them in advance. I make them a couple of days in advance, let them set until their firm, pop them out, and store them in a plastic bag in the fridge. When you take them out of the mold, they might have a seam, you can smooth this out with the back of a hot spoon.

If the idea of gelatin eggs doesn't appeal to you, but you want to try out the Squick (or other ovipositor toys), there are other options! I used the mold to make ice eggs which made for an amazing experience. Or you can order custom silicone eggs from AKrowsNest or glass eggs from NaturalKegelEggs.

How To Use

This toy is incredibly messy! It requires a lot of lube and a good bit of cleanup. But it's totally worth it. Lube up the eggs and the outside and inside of the dildo.You need to use enough lube to be able to insert the toy, insert the egg, and slide the egg down the entire length of the dildo. I recommend having a towel on hand for after play clean up.

We found that it was easiest to use if we inserted the egg and then put the dildo into the vagina. This created an awesome 'knotted' feeling and makes it easier to get the egg in place. PolyHubby pushed the egg up the length of the toy, creating a unique feeling. Once the egg was out of the toy and inside my body, I found it difficult to feel it.

I did feel the ridges and bumps, though, and they are amazing! Not only did the texture provide some awesome stimulation, the spikes on the base provided some interesting clitoral stimulation. I especially loved it when PolyHubby would create that 'knotted' feeling and twisted the dildo so that the spikes rubbed against my clit.

We put two more in, making a total of two, and decided to try out PIV (penis in vagina) with the eggs inserted. With PolyHubby's penis inside of me, I could better feel the eggs and he said he could feel them too. They rolled around with each thrust and massaged his shaft as well as my walls. The only issue we had with PIV was that an egg could get between the head of his dick and bump into my cervix. OUCH!

At one point, PolyHubby pulled the ovipositor over his cock and we had sex that way. The Squick is not meant to be used this way, but it is stretchy enough and added a lot of girth. PolyHubby says that it wasn't too tight but that he didn't get any pleasure from using it that way.

After we had our fun, I stood up to push the toys out. It took more time and effort than we had anticipated. The lube made the eggs slippery and being so aroused from playing with a new toy made my vaginal canal longer and looser.

Final Thoughts

I was afraid to try to Squick but very happy with the outcome. The dildo is made out of a beautiful, squishy, but sticky silicone. The material attracts dust and dirt and should be cleaned before and after each use. Cleaning it can be difficult, due to the hole and various ridges. It's definitely a high maintenance toy, but in my opinion, totally worth it!

If you are interested in trying out an ovipositor or have a fascination with fantasy fetish toys, the Squick is a great place to start. The dildo and eggs are fairly small, the silicone is high quality, and the experience is like no other! The only issues are cleaning up and keeping the dildo lint/dust free.

Have you ever tried any fetish fantasy toys? 

Primal Hardwere provided the Squick and egg mold for this review in exchange for my honest, unbiased, and original thoughts.

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