Wednesday, March 8, 2017

BThrilled Has Me Thrilled - Daily!


Before the BThrilled I had only tried one other BSwish vibrator, the Bgee, and it was a sore disappointment. It felt cheaply made, had a turn dial, and the vibrations were too buzzy and loud. The Bgee was not only my first BSwish product but also my first g-spot vibrator. Sadly, it failed in that department, too.

I was doing research about a month ago on upcoming and new products when BSwish once again was brought to my attention. I browsed through their new products and contacted a representative. We agreed upon the BSwish BThrilled Classic Wand and it was promptly shipped to me!

What Is It?

The BThrilled Classic Wand is a small, cordless wand. It fits comfortably in my hand but can get heavy during a long play session. The neck is flexible, making it great for various positions. I have found that my favorite position is laying on my side with one leg hiked up with the vibrator pressed firmly against my pelvic bone. The vibrations travel throughout the handle and I have found that this can cause hand numbness.

What's So Special About It?

The BThrilled Classic Wand is battery powered, waterproof, and comes in 3 colors. It has five functions, three being vibration settings and two being patterns. I find the lowest setting great for warming up and the highest fantastic for getting off quickly. I'm not a fan of patterns, but those are a very quick pulsating and a mix of pulsating and escalating. The strength of the patterns compares to the 2nd speed.

There is a single push button on the bottom of the wand that operates on/off and cycling through the functions. There is no memory to the toy, so when you turn it off it resets. To turn the toy on you simply press the button for about 2 seconds. To turn the toy off you can finish cycling through the 5 functions or hold the button down for approximately 5 seconds.

As I mentioned above, it's small and fits perfectly in my hand. The head is smooth and glides amazingly over my clit and labia. The best part, the vibrations are strong, rumbly, and it doesn't make a lot of noise. Of course, the stronger the setting, the louder it is going to get, but it cannot be heard outside of a door. And the rumbling vibrations are fantastic and compare to the We-Vibe sync, but in my opinion, are stronger.

I have not tried my BThrilled in the shower because I do not enjoy wand play in the water. But the battery cap is a pain to get off and on and the "O" ring is thick and does not slide around. I have tested the toy under a stream (splashproof) and it holds up fine! I don't see why it wouldn't perform well in the shower.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that every time I have gotten off since getting this toy has been with this toy.

What's wrong with it? What's the "catch?"

As with most amazing things, there are a handful of downfalls. The BThrilled takes 4 AAA batteries and only provides 3 hours of play. This means that I get about 2 hours or 2 play sessions out of it before the batteries are too weak to provide me with the strong vibrations I've become accustomed to getting from the BThrilled.

Which means I have spent a lot of money on batteries these past couple of weeks! 

Secondly, when I masturbate I need to get off four or five times before I am satisfied. This means that around the third or fourth orgasm, I need a bit more strength than I did for the previous orgasms. I blame this on my vagina becoming numb from the deliciously rumbling vibrations and my insistence on using the vibrator for an hour at a time -- not the vibrator itself. Anyway, when I aggressively press the wand's head against my pelvis mound and grind against it for those final few orgasms, the vibrations dampen. This is expected because the motor is located in the head and I am probably squishing it, but I am determined to find a wand (similar to the Hitachi) that doesn't do this but also doesn't weigh a ton.

How do I care for it?

Since it is nonporous and made with 100% silicone, I usually wipe mine down with an antibacterial wipe after a play session. But you can wash it with warm water and soap or use your favorite toy cleaner on it. It's super easy to clean, and the only area I have issues with is under the head in the ridges. But even that is simple and quick! 

As for storage, the box it comes in is nice (not discreet) and includes a plastic insert that holds the toy perfectly. It also comes with a black, silky storage bag. I opt for the second storage option and keep it on my nightstand. The bag doesn't fit the toy in it completely and comes open almost immediately after being tightened, but this isn't an issue for me. It could be an issue if I ever traveled with the toy so you may want to keep that in mind.

Final thoughts?

I adore my BSwish BThrilled Classic Wand! If you are looking for a small, waterproof, strong wand, I'd recommend giving this one a try. At only $31.99 it won't break the bank and is completely worth it. Instead of cutting cost in quality BSwish opted to have it battery powered to make it more affordable. 

Thank you BSwish for providing the BThrilled for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review! It is a fantastic vibrator that I will be recommending (and using) for months to come. I look forward to seeing more great things come from you guys!! 

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