Wednesday, March 1, 2017

February Goal Recap & New Goals for March

It's that time again. The time of the month where I recap on the goals I set last month and set new goals for this month. This project has really helped me to see that I suck at sticking to personal goals. While I did not meet all of my goals, I did meet some I hadn't written down!

I got my house completely and utterly clean. I purged so much junk and stuff that I don't need that I now have too much space!

I got my tiny humans on a schedule and the house seems to run more smoothly.

I found a natural alternative to help with my anxiety and depression.

I have started writing more often and actually generating a passive income from doing so!

On to the goals we discussed last month and new goals for this month.


100 views per page. I was not able to do this! I did get close with having my older posts viewed 100 or more times, but I was not as diligent with my newer posts. Fail.

Make $200 in affiliate marketing. This month, my affiliate income was approximately $50. I focused more on my writing career than I did my blog and marketing. Fail.

Write 1 erotic piece. I actually wrote 10! While they were ghostwritten and I can't claim the credit for them, I did write 10 erotic pieces. Go me! Did it!

Write 3 blog posts a week. I really need to focus more on prewriting when I have time. I do great with getting blog posts out in time if I have them queued up. Fail.

Have 100 members in my facebook group. While my group has been more active, I have actually gone down in members. I went from 60 to 59. If you would like to be added to my group (it's for bloggers, sex toy users, manufacturers, and sellers) please lemme know! Fail.


Walk 1 mile a week. My plans to be fit and tone and exercise a lot have not been going well. I haven't even been drinking my smoothies anymore and have instead opted for a plain biscuit each morning. In other words, walking one mile a week in February did not happen. Fail.

Finish PolyHubby's scarf. I have a love/hate relationship with crocheting. I think it is time for me to put aside this project and work on something else. I did not complete Poly Hubby's scarf. Fail.

Finish The Last Star. While I did not finish The Last Star, I did start on The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice. It's a great book and I recommend you read it if you'd like some good smut. Fail, but did part?

Make an exercise routine & stick with it! I actually did make an exercise plan and it is hanging up in my hallway. But I did not stick with it. Another fail.

Orgasm. With the help of the BSwish BThrilled I actually want to get off more and have been getting off at least 4 times a week. I did it! 

With all that being said, you can bet your ass that some of these will be tried again in March! On to new goals...



100 views per page. I need to advertise my blog more diligently. With thousands of views on a couple of my pieces, I know that 100 per page is nothing. I can do this.

Make $1,200 in affiliate marketing & online writing. I really slacked up last month with this. My goal is to bring in $300 a week. This is what I would make with an out of the home job, and if I want to continue writing for a living, I need to prove to myself that I can bring in a good income.

Write 1 erotic piece for the blog. While I have been writing a lot of erotica lately, it isn't stuff that I can claim under my name and share with you guys. This month I want to write a 5,000 word erotica just for you guys. Anything y'all would like to read in particular?

Prewrite 3 Blog Posts Every Sunday for Each Week! I really hate myself for not being able to provide content on time here. I truly love my blog and want to keep it up to date and fun to visit. This month I plan to write out a weeks worth of posts on Sunday so that you can enjoy Poly Love & Sex on the weekdays I have promised to deliver content on!

Instead of doing 5 goals this month, I'm going to focus on these four.


Draw something. I haven't been drawing as much as I would like to lately. I'd love to draw a detailed landscape piece this month. I am confident that a month is more than enough time to draw something I'm proud of.

Read The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty. I started it recently, but I am already a good ways through it. I read a lot of blogs, articles, and other online media, but I miss the feel of an actual book in my hand.

Pass current class. I'm in school for a Bachelor's in English and so far I am loving the class I am. The problem is I usually burn out half way through. This semester I want to plan out my week on Sunday and pass the class with a high grade.

Keep my house clean. As I said previously in this post, a goal I didn't write down but did complete was completely cleaning my house. I want to keep it this way. I find that when my house is not clean it is easy for me to slip into depression. A clean house equals a healthy me.

Again, I'm just going to focus on four goals this month. Maybe 5 is too many for me. I know that comping up with 5 for this month seems daunting. What are you goals for this month? 



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