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Kink by Doc Johnson: A Review


Doc Johnson has been around since 1976 and has been a big name in the sex toy industry for as long as I can remember. They offer a wide range of adult products from dildos to their popular Good Head product line of throat numbers for, well, good head. I was offered to review items in the Kink line and I'm excited to tell you guys about them!

I was sent The Perfect Cock which is 7.5”, Tweak - Nipple Sucker Set, and 4 fl. ounces of Water Based Lubricant - all from their Kink line. Their Kink line caters to various fetishes, including nipple play, bondage, and anal play. This line was inspired by and created with the help of

When asked about the creation of the Kink line, the CCO, and COO of Doc Johnson, Chad said:

"We approached them, initially. The general idea was that we were looking to expand into the BDSM/fetish market; we were big fans of, and we really felt that this particular category of product was lacking better-made, better-quality BDSM/fetish products that people could trust-- from customers that are beginners, all the way through to the most experienced players. The line was in development for over a year, and was extremely involved. Every product was developed with them and their team, and vetted through not only their organization but also through the community."

The Kink line really does have something for everyone, and I was really excited to tell you about the items I received.

The Perfect Cock

The Perfect Cock comes in two different sizes: 7.5" and 10.5". As I mentioned before, I have the 7.5" version. The product page claims it's phthalate-free, and made with thermoplastic elastomer and Doc Johnsons' UltraSKYN™.

The Perfect Cock is dual density, but not like the Siren Vibrating Silicone Dildo. This dildo has a softer, more pliable outer layer. It feels great in your hand and even better in your body -- if you can get it in. I have a tight vaginal canal, usually, in order to insert anything into my body I need a bit or warming up and lube. Surprisingly, I practice fisting, so I know that I can fit large items in my body! I found that inserting this toy was more difficult that I am used to due to the softness of it.

The reason I have issues getting The Perfect Cock inside my body is because it is incredibly flexible and too soft, but has a lot of girth. When I was able to fully insert the toy, the girth was amazing! Otherwise, when met with resistance the shaft bends, causing the head to slid upwards between my labia rather than into my vagina.

Another problem that I have with The Perfect Cock is that the suction cup sucks, and not in the way it is meant to. It's flimsy and rigid, that paired with the weight of the toy causes it to only stick to the wall for a couple of seconds. Not nearly enough time to get it inside my body and ride it doggy style.

The Perfect Cock is a high maintenance dildo that is made from Doc Johnsons' UltraSKYN™. It should be washed before and after each use, and have baby powder (or talcum powder) applied to it when it is not in use. It is sticky to the touch and attracts dirt, hair, and lint like crazy. I store it with my other toys, but I worry about its porousness and how it will react if it gets too hot.

I feel like the idea behind The Perfect Cock is a great idea. But I would enjoy it more if the material wasn't so tacky, it didn't bend so easily, and the suction cup worked better. I look forward to seeing improvements in the Kink line, especially with their dildos.

Tweak: Nipple Sucker Set

Next up is Tweak, the nipple sucker set from the Kink line. These are also phthalate-free and made with thermoplastic elastomer. The idea behind these is to create a strong suction on the nipples and draw blood to the surface making the nipple more sensitive.

I tested the nipple suckers a couple of times on my hand and other body parts before attempting to suction them to my nipples. On my sensitive bits, the suction is strong, almost painful. I say sensitive bits because we didn't just try these on my nipples. We tried these on my clit, inner thigh, and labia!

When tested on my belly I found that it was not as strong there as I found it to be on my clit or nipples. I think this is because my belly is not as sensitive as my clit or nipples. Furthermore, it is made out of a tough material that may be too hard to use if you limited use of your hands.

I don't have much bad to say about the Tweak Setother than what I have already mentioned. The material can be difficult to use if you have issues with your hands. And the suction may not be strong enough for some of the more advanced nipple toy users out there.

The Tweak Nipple Suction Set is stored in the plastic clam shell they came in. I just toss them in the draw and most of the time I wipe them down with a wipe. If we use them on my clit or labia, I do wash them with soap and warm water.

The Tweak Nipple Suction Set is fantastic for beginners to nipple play, like myself. I love the material and how it gives just enough of a bite to make me wince. They're easy to clean and care for and I can see them becoming a staple in mine and PolyHubby's BDSM play.

Water Based Lubricant

The final item I was sent is the water based lubricant. This lubricant comes in a pump style bottle with a lid. This makes it perfect for storage and travel and it doesn't leak! PolyHubby and I have found that one pump is great for regular sex and two pumps are great for anal or fisting! Keep in mind, water based lubes do tend to dry out faster than lube made specifically for anal or long term play.

The ingredients listed on the bottle are glycerin, water, cellulose gum, methylparaben, and propylparaben. You should be aware of this in case you have allergies to glycerin or parabens. Unfortunately, parabens are easily absorbed into the body when used in a personal lubricant and can cause certain types of cancer.

The lube is thick for being water-based and provides a good amount of play between applications. It also can be used with any toy without worry of it messing up your item. I really like the pump that I mentioned before and find it easy to use and store.

The lube is thick and lasts for a decent amount of time. But I can't get over the ingredients. There are too many people who are sensitive to glycerin and parabens are just bad news. A quick Google search tells you "Parabens (methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, and butylparaben) are used as synthetic preservatives; however, used in lubricants they can be absorbed into the body. They disrupt hormones as they mimic estrogen and get concentrated in the breasts and ovaries."

I cannot suggest the lube because I disagree with the ingredients. Glycerin is an irritant that many women have complained about and parabens are known to cause cancer! Pease, always check the ingredients before purchasing a personal lubricant.

Final Thoughts

When discussing these items with the Doc Johnson representative, I was very excited. I adore dual density dildos, water based lube is usually my go to for average play, and the nipple suckers were intriguing.  Sadly, 2 out of the 3 items disappointed me. I do look forward to seeing more from Doc Johnson, but The Perfect Cock and Kink Water Based Lubricant are a bust for me.

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