Friday, March 3, 2017

Link Roundup: My Favorite Posts From February 2017

Yay! Another Roundup! 

It's that time again!! The time when I share my favorite posts from the previous months and maybe introduce you guys to some awesome bloggers you haven't found on your own yet! Again, I'm staying away from reviews, because there are just so many great reviews. Instead, I bring you some amazing reads to get you thinking, feeling, or laughing.

Ableism In Sex Toy Manuals — Can We Not? by Erika Lynae

Apparently it is a common occurrence for sex toy companies to alienate the disabled community. This is news to me. Disgusting, upsetting news. But still, I wasn't aware of this before reading Erika's post on it. 

Your Own Valentine by The Intellectual Homosexual

Lucas wrote this in with Valentine's day for singles in mind, but I think it's great advice for any day of the year. Just because you aren't with someone doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy yourself! 

A Few Habits For Long-Lasting Relationships by Alex at the Sex Toys Buzz blog

PolyHubby and I have a great relationship, but I'm addicted to reading relationship advice on the internet. This is a great piece with 9 easy tips that can strengthen your relationship. Reading it, I realized that PolyHubby and I stopped doing a couple of these things and that I want to bring them back into our lives.

Not gonna lie, I can relate to this post more than I want to admit. Anxiety is a terrible beast that can ruin even the most pleasurable things. 

There’s No Best Sex Toy by DangerousLilly

Ugh. I do this. I get so excited about a new toy that I love and I claim it's my absolute favorite and the best toy ever. While I realize that I am exaggerating, probably from excitement, I fear that others may actually take me seriously. I am working on not letting my excitement for a new toy cloud my judgement and to put more consideration into how others may think of the toy or how I may feel about it in a couple of weeks.

This is another roundup, of sorts. Instead of linking us to her favorite blog posts, Girly Juice this months favorites. These include sex toys, fantasies, other sex related things, femme things, and little things that she appreciates this month. I enjoyed reading it and I'm adding a couple of books to my 'to read' list. 

While I haven't actually participated in any #TeamAmazeballs activities, I love reading about what others are doing. The idea behind #TeamAmazeballs inspires me to be more active in the blogging community and makes me happy to see others enjoying theirselves. 

How to Plan a Memorable Steak & Blow Job Day by Foxy B Bold at the Slutty Girl Problems blog

PolyHubby jokes about this day a lot, but we have never actually celebrated it. This article provides great tips for a blowjob and how to cook a steak. I think I'll opt out on the cooking bit, and just take him out. 

That's it for this month! 

Let me know what you think of my roundup below, and don't forget to comment on the posts you read from my picks above. 

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