Friday, March 10, 2017

Noveltrove: A Novel Idea for Erotica


Reading and writing erotica has always been a favorite pastime of mine. I read it online and in print. I seek out new authors, pieces that cater to my fetishes, and even indulge in reading some taboo pieces. Erotica is a fantastic way to learn about new kinks and explore your deepest fantasies without having to lift more than a finger.

I read erotica in the same way most of the population watches porn. While I can’t get into a video, it takes no time at all for me to get lost in the words of a story. Thankfully, like porn, there are many paid and free options available to help me get my fix.


One of the free options available is Noveltrove. Noveltrove was brought to my attention a couple of weeks ago and I have been busy exploring its depths ever since! The website is easy to navigate and is split into 4 different sections: stories, authors, blog, and forum.

Under the “Stories” tab is a list of all the most recent stories published on Noveltrove and you can assort them based on title or popularity. On the right side of the screen is the categories. There are a plethora of categories to choose from, ranging from sexuality to fetishes. If you want to find something more specific, you can use the search option in the top right corner.

If you find a story you like you can follow the author and rate the story. Authors get their own page that contains all the stories they have written, links to their paid content or blogs, and their overall rating. This is incredibly helpful in assisting readers in finding authors that write great erotica!

You can find all of this and more on the author’s profile! If you are an author yourself and wish to contribute to Noveltrove, it is incredibly easy. Merely sign up, fill out your profile, and on your profile page is a text box where you can write your story! You can also use your profile to track comments on your pieces, add a copyright to your work, and promote your author’s website or Amazon store.

If you are a new and aspiring author or a seasoned author who is always looking for new and hot tips, you can head over to the ‘Blog’ section of Noveltrove! On their blog, Noveltrove posts advice, their own erotica, and interviews with authors on the website. This is a great resource if you are looking for guidance or to get more involved in the community.

Speaking of community, that brings me to the final section of Noveltrove: the ‘Forums.’ In the forums, you can find contests, casual chatting, and more advice. There is even a section to advertise your services and paid content!

Join Us!

All in all, Noveltrove is a fantastic resource for writers and readers alike. You can engage in conversation with your favorite writers on the forums or reach out to new readers! I’ve only known about Noveltrove for a little over a couple of weeks, but I already love it and want you to check it out, too! So head on over to their website and lemme know what you think in the comments below!

This is a sponsored post, but, as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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