Monday, March 13, 2017

Let's Celebrate Steak & BJ Day!

Ah, Valentine's Day! This year PolyHubby treated me to a couple of new toys, a night out, and a bag full of fabulous goodies. While I did buy him gifts and fun things, too, it's obvious that this holiday is aimed at women. Most men just don't get the right attention on Valentine's Day. Cue Steak & BlowJob Day! 

Valentine's Day falls on February 14th, and exactly one month later on March 14th, men get their day. This will be PolyHubby's and my first year celebrating. To be fair, this is our first year celebrating because I can never remember the date, but this year, I made an effort (aka put it in my calendar) to remember!

In light of our first year celebrating, let me share the recipe for steaks I'll be using this year and some awesome blowjob tips with you! 

Since this will also be my first time cooking a steak and wanting it to be amazing, I will be following this recipe. Although, I am unsure if that is actually a recipe. I will also be serving instant mashed potatoes with chopped bacon, parmesan cheese, and garlic and corn on the cob. 

While the steaks and taters will be fantastic, I'm sure that the BJ will be even better. See, I've been reading up on blowjob tips and practicing for quite some time now. While I've never had any complaints about my technique, I really want to surprise PolyHubby. So, here are the top 3 tips I have come across during my research.

1. Don't be afraid to get messy. When giving a blow job don't swallow your spit, use it! The messier, the better. And use your hands. I can't deepthroat, so I let my saliva run down my man's shaft and use that as lube to perform a hand job on the section I can't reach with my mouth.

2. That brings me to my second tip: Use your hands! Use them on his shaft, his balls, when your mouth gets tired, while you're licking. Use your hands on his balls, his perineum, his anus (if he's into that), yourself. Just use your hands. 

3. Finally, don't worry. As long as you're not using your teeth and you are focusing on his pleasure, you are doing a great job! Pay attention to how he reacts when you swirl your tongue around the tip of his cock or when you juggle his balls and keep doing whatever he reacts best to! 

Steak and blowjob day is men's Valentine's Day. It's only fair that I put as much thought and care into planning this day for PolyHubby as he did for me on Valentine's Day! What's your favorite way to cook a steak? What are your best blowjob tips? 

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