Monday, May 1, 2017

Link Roundup: My Favorite Posts From April 2017

This post was supposed to go live this morning at 4 am, but I didn't write it yesterday as I had planned. Why?  You ask. Well, dear reader, life sucks. As you may remember back in March, my three-year-old broke his arm (among other crazy things). We got the cast taken off Friday before last (April 21st), and he has been doing great.

Well... Saturday, my five-year-old fell off his bunk bed and broke his arm! He had to have surgery on it Sunday morning to pin everything back together. So, please forgive me for not being on time with this post. Life has been crazy lately and I haven't been able to emotionally handle it all and stay on top of my obligations.

Anyway, without further ado, here are my favorite posts from April 2017. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

How Porous Sex Toys and Bad Lube Can Affect Vaginal Health by Dangerous Lilly

Lilly is amazing at providing scientific information on sex products, and this article in no different. It made me question some of the infections I have had, despite my caution to only use silicone toys! I have always loved her more scientific posts and this one is no different.

Article: My Aunt Asked My Why A Woman Would Ever Want To Tell Her Partner How To Pleasure Her… by Emmeline Peaches

Emmeline writes a lot of reviews, but when she does write an article, it is great! It talks about the lack of education for different generations and the amount of responsibility on sex bloggers to teach proper sex education - including pleasure!

Fuck your Twitter followers. Yes, literally by Girl on the Net

Oh, my, god! This was hot and informative. It is an article that encourages you to have sex with your twitter followers. She even gives you advice on why, how, and when you say no. It is a great read!

How to Deal With Pre-Date Nervousness by Girly Juice

In this one Girly Juice gives amazing points on how to avoid pre-date nervousness. While I hope I don't have any more first dates (more on this in another post), it is a fantastic post. I did a lot of these tips without even noticing. I have to say my best success was before my last date, but half way there I thought I should be nervous, and then got so nervous that I almost puked. So, maybe, don't think about how nervous you should be.

PERIOD SEX by Erika Lynae

Erika goes over the pro's and con's of period sex. Personally, I love period sex because I am usually my horniest when I'm on my period and it helps with cramps. I hate the clean up though because I hate anything messy.

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