Wednesday, May 3, 2017

March Goal Recap & New Goals for May (Yeah, we skipped April)


As I mentioned in my April Shower, May Flowers post I kind of did well on my March goals, but not really.


  •  100 views per page - I did not reach this goal. Mainly because I did not share them as I had planned. 
  • Make $1,200 in affiliate marketing & online writing - Again, I did not reach this goal. For the month of March, I made only about $1,000.
  • Write 1 erotic piece for the blog - I did not meet this goal because I did not post much during April.
  • Prewrite 3 Blog Posts Every Sunday for Each Week - Again, I did not post much during April. 


  • Draw something - I did draw something, and I posted a picture of it on my April Showers, May Flowers post!
  • Read The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty - I am still reading this book! The toy I was playing with while reading it broke and I was too upset to keep reading. Boyfriend replaced the toy tho. :)
  • Pass current class - I passed my class with a high B! Although, with my current class, I am failing. :( I will know sometime this week if I barely passed or completely failed. 
  • Keep my house clean - I was also able to keep my house relatively clean. I didn't get behind on laundry once!



  • Write and schedule 3 posts every Sunday - I plan to set aside time every Sunday to schedule my posts for that week. I would love to write 4 every Sunday and start building up a backlog, but this may have to wait.
  • Figure out affiliate marketing (make at least $600) - I feel like I haven't been doing so well in affiliate marketing. I have been rocking my freelance writing business, but I would love to figure out how to do the whole affiliate thing. I will be pinning a ton of stuff about this on Pinterest this month. 
  • Write an erotica (aim for at least 2k words) - I don't know why I can't do this one! It has been on almost every monthly goal I have posted. I will do this this month. I shall start planning early and post it around the end of this month.
  • Schedule auto posts for twitter every Sunday - I didn't do this this Sunday (please refer to the intro of my round up post for this month). But I hope to stay on top of this as it is a lot of fun and helps me a lot! 


  • Try bubble tea - I have heard great things about this, and I love tea! There is a local coffee shop that was advertising it a couple of months ago and I plan to swing by there sometime this month for the sole purpose of trying bubble tea.
  • Draw/paint something - I found a local group on facebook where the members make something and hide it somewhere in the community. They then take a picture of their hiding place and post it in the group for the other members to find. It sounds like so much fun and seems like great motivation for my 'make something once a month' yearly resolution!
  • Finish "Beauty" GODDAMNIT! - I picked it back up today, but couldn't find where I had left off. I plan on doing that tomorrow. And I will finish this book! I also picked up The Last Star when we went to the hospital Saturday and have almost finished that. So, maybe I will do two books this month!
  • Use my calendar - Lately, I have had a lot of appointments and I feel like I am going to miss one. Last week I used my phone calendar religiously, but I stopped. I need to put all of my appointments into my phone and use it more often for appointment reminders. 


  • What are your goals for this month?
  • Are you reading anything good?
  • I call hubby PolyHubby, any suggestions on what to call boyfriend?

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