Thursday, July 27, 2017

35 Ideas Self-Care

Recently I started journaling to help with my anxiety and depression. I mostly keep lists of ideas, tasks, routines, etc. Some of these things are super boring like no spend ideas, a list of dinners to make, and ways to be less selfish. But others are more exciting and lists that I think you guys would really enjoy! These include things like date ideas, books to read, and my bucket list.

Today I'm going to share self-care ideas with you guys. I have 45 ideas, and some take some planning while others are things you can do if you find that you have a couple of spare minutes. Without further ado, let's get to it.

  1. Read for an Hour - Or any amount of time. I find that if I am at a doctors appointment or in another building/situation that is busy or loud, reading helps me to tune it all out and calm down. My anxiety acts up pretty bad in loud or busy settings. If I don't have a book on me I'll google things that interest me (sex stats, relationships, etc)
  2. Binge on Netflix - When I have had a busy week (like this one!) nothing is more relaxing than cuddling up on the couch with a cold drink and my favorite person and binge watching a TV show. Lately, I have been loving Young & Hungry.
  3. Make an Upbeat Playlist - I have so many playlists that it is ridiculous. I almost have one for every mood.
  4. Play Video Games - I don't indulge in this one often, but if I find that I need to take out frustrations, I love playing a game like Diablo III Reaper of Souls.
  5. Call Family or a Friend - Sometimes it helps me to vent to someone. I have one friend and my mom who understand this, and I can call on them whenever I'm feeling antsy or angry and need to get something out of my system or off my chest.
  6. Buy Something - Ah, retail therapy! I don't recommend doing this if you are stressing about money, but if you have spare spending cash, it really helps to go walk around a thrift store or buy something you have wanted for a while.
  7. Color - I have so many adult coloring books that it is crazy! I love coloring and usually do this if I am feeling creative but uninspired. It's also a great activity if you have a DD/lg kink.
  8. Face Mask - I try to do a face mask once a week. My local Wal-Mart usually has decent face masks for 2/$5. I like to try different types and have a charcoal one to try later this week!
  9. Unplug for the Day - Or a couple of hours. Personally, I try to stay off of my phone (and other forms of technology) for the first few hours after waking up. If I find that my social media is too stressing or making me feel lonely, I'll put my phone down for the day and stay off of social media on my computer.
  10. Take a Walk - This one, for me, takes planning. I live on a busy side road and walking down it can be dangerous. I love walking in the morning, though, it's the coolest time of the day and helps me to collect my thoughts and get my blood going.
  11. Get a Massage - For me, this one means asking one of my significant others for a massage. PolyHubby gives the best back massages. It's a fantastic way to help me relax and spend time with him.
  12. Go to the Park - As a writer, people watching is one of my favorite things to do. I usually take a notepad and write down interesting things that I over hear or see. It's a lot of fun, and I find it relaxing to spend time alone in a place filled with activity!
  13. Dance - If I can't go walking or find myself bored doing a mundane activity (dishes!) I'll dance. It gets my blood flowing, my muscles warmed up, and feels great! I especially enjoy it if I'm alone and can do all of my crazy dance moves that I'd be embarrassed if someone else saw.
  14. Draw - I have a ton of sketch books and pencils. Sitting down to draw gives me an activity to
    do while relaxing that also stimulates my creative side. Sometimes writing takes too much out of me, but drawing seems to be a good balance.
  15. Paint - This is another creative activity that I prefer in lieu of writing. With drawing, I am more of a perfectionist, but with painting, I am still learning and give myself more flexibility to fuck up.
  16. Create - If you can't tell, I'm a creative person. For me, create also means planning, embroidery, crochet, spinning yarn, knitting, journaling, and so much more! I have so many creative hobbies that it is ridiculous.
  17. Eat Out - I hate cooking. If I have had a stressful or productive day, I enjoy sitting down to a meal that I did not have to make myself.
  18. Look at the Stars - There is nothing I love more than galaxies, space, and stars. Looking up at the stars makes me feel alive and inspires me to make a difference in the world.
  19. Go for a Drive - I have to use this one carefully. If I am stressed out but not sad, I find a lonely drive with blaring music to be the perfect remedy to help me chill out. On the other hand, if I'm sad it can be dangerous because I won't want to stop and feel like running from all of my issues.
  20. Take a Shower - I swear that I am part mermaid. Water is my safe place, and I love relaxing in a long hot shower. If I need some alone time to think but don't want to exert myself, a long hot shower is the best thing!
  21. Listen to a Podcast - My favorite podcasts are The ManWhore Podcast, Dildorks, The NoSleep Podcast, and Cognitive Dissonance. I highly recommend you check them out!
  22. Do Your Makeup - I love playing around with my hair and makeup when the mood strikes. I'm not very good at it, but it's great fun to try and replicate tutorials on youtube if I have the time.
  23. Watch Your Favorite Movie - My go-to-feel-good movies are mostly Disney. I love The Lion King, Moana, The Little Mermaid, and Mulan. If I'm not in the mood for a cartoon, I watch Interview with the Vampire, Deadpool, or a classic romance.
  24. Sit in the Sun - If you're feeling down vitamin D is said to help. No, not that kind. The sort you get from milk and sunlight (although I don't recommend sipping milk in the heat!).
  25. Bake Sweets - Sometimes I get in the mood for something sweet, and it's methodic to bake it. I don't usually enjoy cooking of any kind, but when the baking mood strikes and the sweet tooth sneaks up on me, I actually find myself loving it!
  26. Masturbate - You had to know this one was on here. When I have a bit and feeling particularly pent up or frisky, I'll sneak off to my bedroom and get off. I love the Satisfyer for a slow build orgasm and my Tango for quicker O's.
  27. Drink Hot Tea - I have an addiction to collecting tea. I have Doctor Who and Supernatural themed tea. I have a tea cup with a T on it. I have a problem. It feels good to sit down with a steaming hot cup of flavored hot tea. My favorites are strong black teas.
  28. RAK - This means Random Act of Kindness. Make something and leave it around town, donate school supplies to a teacher, tell a stranger you like their dress. It can be anonymous or straight forward. Just doing something nice for someone can lift your moods.
  29. Make a New List - I adore making lists. Like I said before, my journal is full of them! To do lists, to read, to watch, no spend activities, words to use, skills I want to learn. If I can make a list of it, it's probably already in my journal!
  30. Lotion Your Body - This one makes me feel really sexy and is perfect for my skin. I have some great nonscented lotion that I use all over my body, and then I use "Hello Beautiful" by Bath and Body Works on my hands and feet.
  31. Give Yourself a Foot Massage - This can totally be paired with the one above. I love rubbing lotion into my feet and massaging my arches. Sometimes PolyHubby will see me doing this and offer to finish for me.
  32. Go to Bed Early - My self-imposed bed time is 10 pm. Sometimes I stay up later, but most of the time I'm in bed before or exactly at 10. Going to bed early helps me to wake up feeling refreshed in the morning. This is great if I have a busy day planned.
  33. Write Thank You Notes - Gratitude does a funny thing to your brain. You can sit down and write down things you are thankful for or mail out hand written notes telling people you are grateful for them. I find brightening up someone else's day to bring me more joy than merely writing down what I am thankful for.
  34. Stretch - I do bedtime yoga every night before going to bed. It's a great way to relax and helps me to become more aware of how my body feels. It's also great to stretch before going on a walk, during breaks from studying or working, or after a long car ride.
  35. Take a Nap - Unfortunately, this one can go either way. You will wake up feeling fabulous or wake up wondering what year it is and why your head is pounding. 
What are your favorite ways to take care of yourself? Which ones on my list are you looking forward to trying?

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