Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Satisfying Toys By Satisfyer

Article Introduction

Satisfyer is a company based in Germany and were founded merely a year ago. Even being as new as they are, they already rank as one of the best sex toys in a number of top magazines! They have five toys in their line at the moment, but I only have the pleasure (pun intended) of reviewing two: The Satisfyer Pro Deluxe and The Satisfyer Penguin

What are these? 

Satisfyer sent me two toys in exchange for my unbiased and honest review: The Satisfyer Pro Deluxe and The Satisfyer Penguin. They are both rechargeable, waterproof, clitoral vibrators. Well, "vibrator" isn't the right word. The Satisfyer toys use a quickly pulsating flap in the back of the mechanism to create a "pressure wave stimulation." Let me just say, it is amazing! These toys quickly became my favorites and PolyHubby and Boyfriend both refer to them as my magic toys. 

The Penguin, named for its shape, is incredibly cute and fits easily and inconspicuously into my purse. I don't have to worry about it turning on in my bag because the buttons are flush with the toy. The Penguin is buzzier than it's sibling the Deluxe and is fantastic for quickies. The Pro Deluxe is larger and oval shaped with flush buttons as well. It is more rumbly and I reach for it when I want to have a strong orgasm. Both fit well between me and my partners for use during sex.

Satisfyer Features 

Both of the toys are incredibly quiet, I have gotten off with them both while hubby slept next to me and played with them (not sexually mind you) undetected in a room full of people. The only noises you have to worry about with either of these toys are the ones you will be making. They are also made of body safe silicone and hard plastic, meaning they are nonporous and their waterproofing makes them a breeze to clean. 

They both feature 11 programs ranging from gentle, almost can't feel it pulsating to wracking your body with waves of pleasure. An interesting feature I found about both the Satisfyer Pro Deluxe and the Satisfyer Penguin is that once you reach the 11th setting it starts going backward in the settings. So the intensity goes 9, 10, 11, 10, 9, 8, etc. 

They're both easy to turn on and off, just hold down the button. The Pro Deluxe has a single button for all operations and the Penguin has two buttons, one for turning it on and off and the other to adjust the settings. Neither one has a memory, meaning once you turn it off you start back at the first setting.  

I have found a couple of ways to get off with both of the toys. Keep in mind the Penguin gives quicker orgasms, while the Pro Deluxe is better for longer masturbation sessions and stronger O's. Wiggling the toy back and forth on my clit while not breaking the suction creates an amazing sensation. On the other hand, finding the right angle where the suction is almost broken, but not, provides intense orgasms. When I use the toys with a partner, I find missionary, while thrusting my hips and squeezing, holding the toy in place also produces a powerful sensation.

What comes in the box?

In the box, you get the toy, the charger (which is really cool!), the toy in a little plastic shell, and a user manual. There isn't any pouch to store your toy in and no sample lubes or cleaner- but the toy is worth its weight in gold. I absolutely love it! 

What Do I Like

Waterproof - I love any toy that is waterproof. And the cool thing about these two is that using them underwater changes the intensity and sensation. It also makes it super easy to clean. 

Rechargeable - Again, this is a must for any toy and I love a good rechargeable toy. I charged both of my toys when I first got them two months ago and have used them about twice a week for 15 minutes or more a session and haven't had to charge them again since. When the batteries get low the light around the button with flash. But they charge similar to Fun Factory toys and come with magnetic charging cables. 

Unique Stimulation - The Satisfyer's stimulate your clit using a pulsating technique that is like nothing I have ever used before. I love it! Within minutes of putting the toy on my clit on high I can get off, or I can slowly build up to it and squirt almost every time with this method.

Cute - They are both super cute. The Deluxe comes in gold and is an oval shape. The Penguin I got is pink and is shaped, you guessed it, like a penguin. I love penguins, so much that I squealed when I opened that one. While writing this article I looked up both devices and found that they have redesigned the Penguin to be black and white with a bow tie. I'll probably be purchasing that one just for the asthetics. Penguins are kind of my thing. 

Ergonomic - Both the Deluxe and Penguin are shaped in a way that makes them fit comfortably in your hand. Even for long periods of time. With the Deluxe I am able to rest it between my labia and go handsfree.  

What I Did Not Like

Tip - For some reason, the tip of these things come off. I don't understand why, maybe to help with cleaning, but to me, it is just annoying. There is nothing more frustrating than being horny and having to dig around in my toy drawer for the silicone tip to my favorite toy. 

Cleaning - While it is waterproof and easy to clean, it can be a pain. I like to thoroughly clean my toys and I have to get into the tip with my fingertips and rub around with soap. Also, there is a seam running around the edge of the Pro Deluxe and I have found that fluids can build up here. It's a bit frustrating and makes cleaning it a hassle

Box - The box is just a flimsy little cardboard box that slips over the plastic insert that holds the toy. It isn't great for keeping the toy in and is cheaply made. But I can overlook the cheaply made box because the toy is amazing! 

My Final Verdict

I absolutely love my Satisfyer toys. I love the way they fit in my hand, the unique way it gets me off, and the charging method. I enjoy that I can use it in the shower and that I don't have to worry about getting water into the parts when washing it. The pros far outweigh the cons with this toy and it is definitely the first one I reach for when I want to masturbate. I am spoiled on the pulsating waves it delivers and external vibrations rarely do it for me anymore.

I received these toys from Satisfyer in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This review does contain affiliate links.

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