Thursday, August 3, 2017

25 Great Ideas for Date Night

I have been feeling lists here lately and have been writing a list every morning in my journal. I've already shared my self-care ideas, this morning I made a list of date ideas. To me, a date can be everything from grocery shopping to a reservation at a nice restaurant. Some of these ideas are things I do with PolyHubby and boyfriend regularly, on special occasions, or things on my bucket list to do with one or both of them. Anyway, I have compiled a list of 25 date ideas; I hope you get as much use out of my thoughts as I do!

  1. Dinner and a movie - The classic "date night." There aren't a lot of movies that I want to see out right now, but when one comes out that one of us want to see, we make a whole night of it. We plan to either see the movie early enough that we can catch dinner afterward or late enough that we can eat beforehand. It's been forever since I've just gone to the movies with one of my guys.
  2. Movie night - This is my favorite twist on going to the movies. Instead of watching something new we gather up a bunch of snacks (popcorn, mixed nuts, favorite candies) and alcohol and cuddle up to watch a bunch of old favorites. My last two movie nights were a Harry Potter marathon with PolyHubby and a Disney marathon with the boyfriend.
  3. Go on a hike - Me, PolyHubby, nor boyfriend are very active. I'm the only one out of the three of us who works out - and I hate it. Every now and again one of us will get a hankering to go out into nature and stomp around.
  4. Breakfast and a walk - This works for me with any meal. I love eating a big meal and then window shopping or walking around the park.
  5. Arcade  - Now we don't have an arcade close to us, but have gone out of town a couple of times for the sole purpose of visiting an arcade. It's a nice change from staying home and playing video games, but still, has a competitive edge to it.
  6. Cook together - I hate cooking, but something about having someone I have chemistry with in the kitchen with me makes it a thousand times more enjoyable. Even getting messy, clean up, or fucking up and burning the whole thing is fun when PolyHubby or boyfriend join me.
  7. Road trip - Before claiming the title of an adult, PolyHubby and I would load up in the car whenever we felt like it and just drive. Now it takes a little more planning, but I love being stuck in a car with him or boyfriend for extended periods of time. It is perfect for getting to know one an other better or just generally catching up.
  8. Dessert - If boyfriend and I have eaten dinner at my place before we go to his apartment for the weekend, we will stop and get dessert on the way. We both have terrible sweet tooths, so it's no surprise that this is something we both greatly enjoy!
  9. Picnic - I don't do this one as often as I used to. But when I did have picnics it was a lot of fun! I'm lazy, though, and when a significant other and I go on a "picnic," we usually pick up Cracker Barrel or Subway on the way to to the national park or something.
  10. Farmers market - PolyHubby and I do this one almost every Thursday! It's awesome to get out and see what local artists and gardeners are doing. A couple of years ago I found a fantastic pork chop marinade but sadly haven't been able to find it since.
  11. Star gazing - I. Love. The. Stars. I hate being outside; I despise bugs, I don't like getting sun burnt. But I could sit out on my porch in any weather and star at the stars. Star gazing with a significant other is an intimate experience for me and usually, leaves me feeling somewhat open and vulnerable. 
  12. Truth or dare - PolyHubby or boyfriend and I only do this one when we are feeling immature. If we all play together, we use a game I'll be reviewing from KheperGames called "I Have Never, But I Will..." 
  13. Netflix and chill - Yes. This one is on here. We pick a movie that we have both seen and let it play. We usually only watch the first couple of minutes, maybe the first 20 minutes, and then the making out starts. I don't have to detail the rest. 
  14. Binge on a TV show - PolyHubby and I do this one all of the time. We finished all 12 seasons of Supernatural in 2016 within a month and a half. We would have finished it sooner, but work. We binge everything from Doctor Who to various animes to Young and Hungry.
  15. 20 Questions - This one is another great way to get to know your significant other. The longer you are together, the more intimate the questions get. Like, I already know what PolyHubby's deepest fantasy is, so I would probably ask what something he enjoys thinking about but doesn't want to do is. 
  16. Go to a bar - This is another one that we don't do often. Going to a bar usually involves socializing, and PolyHubby, boyfriend, nor I enjoy socializing much. I do want to get together with both of them and a group of friends and go out one night but haven't yet.
  17. Do a puzzle - I have been begging PolyHubby to do a puzzle with me for forever, but he makes a fair point that we don't have any place to properly do it and not step on it when we are going about our normal day. I think I'll just have to talk boyfriend into it. 
  18. Catch fireflies - This makes me feel childlike and is perfect for when I'm feeling little. If you do this, remember that fireflies are living creatures and put holes in the container you are collecting them in, also do not forget to release them when you are done. Don't keep them in the container over night.
  19. Swimming - This is a seasonal date, unless you know of a heated swimming pool, but it is a favorite. Despite my hate of the sun and bugs and most things outside, I love packing up for a day of swimming and spending hours in the water. I might be a bit of a mermaid. 
  20. Concert - This one is on my bucket list. I have never attended a proper concert, but feel that it could be a lot of fun! 
  21. Mini golf - PolyHubby loves mini golf. While I don't like the actual activity, I enjoy doing something that he greatly enjoys
  22. Bowling - I haven't gone bowling in years, but it's a fun competitive date idea that I do enjoy. The bowling alley food may also influence my enjoyment of this date. 
  23. Random photo shoot - I don't always remember to take pictures when I do something new or exciting. I haven't done this one yet, but I think it would be a lot of fun, especially if you made it kind of like a scavenger hunt.
  24. Geo-cashing - Boyfriend and I do this one almost weekly. Kinda. Our town does a free art Friday thing. This is where you make art and hide it; you can also hunt for other peoples art. While it isn't proper geo-cashing, it is a lot of fun. 
  25. Festival - Our small town throws a lot of festivals. There are Independence Day celebrations, Christmas parades, and during a certain time of the year, the town comes together on the last Saturday of every month for a couple of months just cause. 

Dates don't have to be the same thing every weekend. Mix it up, have fun! Some of these are things that I do regular with one or both of my partners and some are things I want to do. What are some go to dates you do? What are some dates that are on your bucket list?

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