Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Monthly Round-Up & Goals: Writing, Dick Glue, and Blowjobs

What Are My Goals For August?

I had originally planned to put this last, but I decided to look forward and then reflect. I'm going to keep my goals simple. 
  • Get back to working out - I started out 2017 strong. I worked out at least two times a week. But then I got bored with it, too busy for it, made excuses, what have you, and quit. I am implementing a work out routine into my planner this week, and we will see how it goes. I want to tone up my body, get back down to 110-112 lbs, and work on my flexibility.
  • Finish Bird by Bird and start on On Writing Well by William Zinsser - I have struggled with my reading goals this year, but I will have more free time on my hands this month and plan to use it to chip away at my "to read" list.
  • Guest post once a week - Earlier this year I did a lot of ghost writing for a content mill, and I hated it. In July I wrote a piece for Bust.com. It is my goal this month to focus on building up my portfolio and start taking writing more seriously, after all, it is what I'm in school for!  
  • Give more blowjobs. When I am on twitter or reading my favorite bloggers, I can't help but notice how much they all love giving head. Or they at least enjoy it. While I don't like giving head, I do enjoy pleasuring my partners and hate that I don't get anything at all from an act they both appreciate. My plan is to give at least 3 blow jobs a week this month. 

Things I Did in July. . . .

  • In July I started using a planner and have loved how much easier it has made my life. I have tracked everything from appointments and important dates to my mood and sexual achievements! It has helped me to notice patterns in my anxiety and depression and keep track of my goals. Plus, I really like the sense of accomplishment I get when I have a full days to do list marked off.
  • I started reading again, and I have been reading Bird After Bird, a book on writing and life, by Anne Lamott. This is the first book I have ever highlighted in, and I love how easy it makes it to go back to meaningful or helpful passages. I've always had a problem with writing in books, but I think I'm actually coming around to this highlighting thing! 
  •  I have started writing more and published my first piece with a well known and respected online magazine. The article was on Jiftip, a condom alternative, and is titled "Please Do Not Glue Your Urethra Shut."
  • Poly Hubby and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. We went to The Melting Pot and had a three-course fondue dinner. It was incredible! It was great to spend the night laughing and just being with one another.

Things I Enjoyed in July. . . .

  • I finally finished season 10 of Doctor Who and cried my freaking eyes out! I cannot wait for the Christmas special. 
  • Kate Sloan mentioned Building a Better Female Orgasm in one of her roundups, and I spent way too much time reading the article. It is fascinating and infuriating how far we have come and how far we still have to go in relevance to female anatomy. 

Coming Up in August. . . .

  • Blog posts featuring blowjobs, tracking my sexual achievements, adventures from my bucket list, and some thoughts on polyamory, jealousy, mental health, menstrual health, and other ramblings. 
What did you do during July? What do you look forward to doing in August?

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