Thursday, August 31, 2017

Monthly Round-Up & Goals: Zombies, Erotica, and Magic the Gathering

Goals For September. . . .

  • Write one erotica - I have been planning on writing an erotica once a month for the blog, as well as writing fiction. I have a couple of ideas that I have been playing around with and plan to post the start of an erotic series later in September. Be sure to sign up for emails so you won't miss it! 
  • Read more zombie books - I plan on reading The Forest of Hands and Teeth series and am desperately looking for more books that have this sort of a feel to it. If you know of any, let me know in the comments or send me an email ( or DM on Twitter (@CPoly69). 
  • Guest post once a week - Yup, I am just going to leave this on here. I also want to start planning my blog ahead of time instead of writing my posts the day before or day of. 
  • Give more blowjobs - I'm also leaving this on here. It is part of my plan to track my sexual activity because I am very curious as to how it affects my mental health. I want to track everything from masturbation to orgasms, from blowjobs to what toys I use.  

Things I Did in August. . . . .

  • I have continued to use my planner and have loved how much easier it has made my life. I have actually started using a part of it to journal, which is something I have struggled with in the past. 
  • I did not finish Bird After Bird, a book on writing and life, by Anne Lamott as I had planned, but I did finish The Dead and Empty World: Stories from the Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan, and I have been really digging zombie stories this month. I find my newfound fascination with zombies to be a little strange as I had a period of my life where I didn't leave my house for 6 months for fear of zombies. That's a story for another time.  
  • I mostly stuck to an exercise plan. I say mostly because this week I have not done anything due to the state of my mental health. 
  • A not so great note: I spent about a week of this month with a killer migraine that I could not, for the life of me, get rid of and I spent the last week of August in a depressive fog. I felt like I was constantly switching between crying, numbness, and near mania.
  • I also gave fewer blowjobs and did not guest post even once! 

Things I Enjoyed in August. . . 

  • Much to my boyfriend's joy, I learned to play Magic: the Gathering this past month. It is loads of fun and I have become quite addicted to it. 
  • A friend of mine drew a portrait of me and it is beautiful! She said that it is for me and I cannot wait to go pick it up. I also drew some things this month for my boyfriend, the aforementioned friend, and a couple of doodles. 
  • The solar eclipse happened this month and I spent way too much time trying to find glasses. Thankfully, I was able to find a couple of pairs and watch it. We didn't get the complete eclipse, but it was still beautiful! 
  • PolyHubby has been my rock this past week while I was dealing with a severe depressive episode. I am so lucky to have him in my life.
  • I didn't spend as much time this month in the blogging community or on the internet browsing articles as I usually do, so I don't have any awesome links to share with you guys. 

Coming Up in August. . . .

  • Reviews on Mystervibe's Crescendo, Primal Hardwere's massive G'lorp, and the new, cutest little Penguin by Satisfyer.
  • Blog posts featuring adventures from my bucket list (the boyfriend and I have been busy crossing off some of these), some thoughts on polyamory, jealousy, mental health, menstrual health, and the beginning of a brand new erotica series! 
What did you do during August? What do you look forward to doing in September?

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