Thursday, August 10, 2017

More Games from Kheper Games: Let's F*ck, Acts of Insanity, What the F*ck, and I Never Have


Kheper Games makes amazing adult games. They have everything from board games to card games and even provide party supplies. I have reviewed their products before, and this time they sent me four games to test out and tell you guys about! I had so much fun playing these games and have taken my time to thoroughly test them.

I have played these games separately with PolyHubby and my boyfriend, we have all played together, we have played with friends, and even had a game night where we had a lot of people over to play. During our game nights we played with friends and family, so we did have to dial it back a bit on the sexual aspects of the games we played with them.

What are these games?

Let's F*ck is a card game for couples. It can be played in three different ways: F*ck Fortunes, Match & F*ck, and Personal F*ck Questions. There are four wild cards, and the rest of the cards suggest a position, action, or location.

Acts of Insanity is a hilarious charades game. Each team picks a character, action, and place/object card for the other team to act out/guess.

What the F*ck is similar to Cards Against Humanity, but with a more adult theme and without the white cards. Instead of choosing a white card from your hand you write down the dirtiest, craziest, or most disgusting answer you can think of.

I Never Have, But I Will is a game similar to Never Have I Ever, but instead, you have to act out the cards if you haven't done them before.

How do you play these games? 

Like I said, there are three ways to play Let's F*ck. I have only played this game with one partner at a time, and I have played all three forms with both partners. To play F*ck Fortunes you lay five cards out like fortune cards and allow your partner to pick which ones he or she wants to act out. Match & F*ck is reminiscent of the game we played in our child hood where we laid out the card face down and took turns flipping two at a time until we find a match. You can choose to act out your matches as you find them or act them all out at the end of the game. Personal F*ck Questions is played by asking the other player personal sex questions about yourself if they get the answer right you give them a card face down, once they get a match the couple can act out the action. My partners and I also played around with a type of go-fish and war. Let's F*ck is a very versatile game!

Acts of Insanity is my favorite out of this bunch of games. You split up into teams of two or more and set out the cards. Each team gets five cards of each type (white/character, green/action, black/location or object). Teams take turns picking out the most ridiculous, crazy, or hardest to act out scenarios based around the cards they have for the other team to act out. The acting team will choose one person to act, and the others will guess, the opposing team will keep track of time and evaluate if the acting team player breaks any rules. Unlike traditional charades, you can talk during this game, and it is a hell of a lot of fun! One of my favorite scenarios from a recent game was "Eight maids a milking gangbanging a blow-up doll. I thought we would all die of laughing watching my friend act it out!

What the F*ck is very similar to Cards Against Humanity. There are 480 questions, 8 pencils, 100-page notepads, and 1 die. It is played just like CAH expect you roll the dice to decide which question on the card to ask and write your answer down. My notepad was flawed, and only the first page was printed on. I brought this up to the shipping manager, and he said that the issue was caught and handled, so your copy of the game has a full notepad! If you do happen to get a flawed copy or run out of paper, it's super easy to make your own sheets. Anyway, an example of the types of questions in this game is "what could I say to my boss to ensure I don't get a raise again?" Then the other players would write down answers they think of, and the reader would choose their favorite.

I Never Have... But I Will is a twist on the classic game Never Have I Ever. Like with What the F*ck there are question cards and you roll a die to choose which question to ask on the card. One player asks the question on the card, and if you raise your hand to admit that you have never done the act, you have the choice to do and earn a point. Examples of what these dares include are:

  • Demonstrated with a phallic fruit how I'd use a dildo.
  • Tried biting my big toe.
  • Let another player look through my phone for a minute. 
There are 600 hundred of these dares, and some are more scandalous than others. 

Final Thoughts?

I loved playing these games with PolyHubby, boyfriend, and friends. At times it was very embarrassing, but mostly it was just a whole lot of fun! I think they'd make great games for bachelor or bachelorette parties. They are thick, high-quality cards, and the customer service is fantastic with KheperGames.

This review was sponsered by KheperGames, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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