Thursday, September 14, 2017

20 Fall Goals - A Bucket List of Sorts

I know that I have a monthly goals roundup and a buck list. I wanted to create a fall bucket list - you know, the ones you see on pinterest, but a twist. Mine will have a more sexual theme to help me reach some other goals as well as stay sexy during the fall months. Fall is my favorite time of year, it is when I feel at my best. Without further ado, I bring you: 20 Fall Goals!

1. Put together and go on a sexy scavenger hunt

2. Make out in a pumpkin patch

3. Have sex on a fall foliage drive

4. Give a blowjob to completion on a nature walk

5. Enjoy a bonfire while naked

6. Go on a sexy picnic

7. Watch a scary movie in theaters with a remote control vibe in

8. Build a fort and have sex all day

9. Get finger banged on a carnival ride

10. Make naughty leaf art

11. Write erotic letters to my loves

12. Have sex in an abandoned house

13. Attend my first BDSM munch

14. Outdoor artistic bondage

15. Go to a strip club AND get a lap dance

16. Write a blog post on love bites

17. Have sex in the bed of a truck, under the stars

18. Go out for dinner and have an orgasm

19. Give a blow job in the theater

20. Have sex by candle light

I tried to do a fair mix of sexy and fall stuff, making some common autumn goals more sensual. I cannot wait to do all of these and have plans to start this weekend. What is on your sexy fall goal bucket list?

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