Thursday, September 21, 2017

Adventures in Anal Sex: A Short Guide on Anal Training

I have spent the past week researching anal sex, anal training, and general anal pleasure. I have taken a huge interest in this sexual activity lately and want to learn how to go about it in a healthy way. Most advice says to go slow and use a ton of lube. A good bit of guides I came across was more focused on doing the act for the pleasure of the giver and not much on how it can be pleasurable for the receiver!

Since PolyHubby and I have been married, he has asked for anal sex. It is appealing because of the tightness and taboo that surrounds it. About a year ago I gave in, for him. I found him to be too large and his fingers were too abrasive. We bought the Fun Factory Bootie in small and Flexi Felix. We used the items a couple of times, enough to learn that I liked stationery items in my bum and I enjoyed pulling out beads while I come.

Eager to get to the actual butt sex part, we rushed things and wound up having anal sex before I was ready. It was uncomfortable at best and painful at worst. We even tore my anus at one point to the point that I dreaded using my butt at all!

Fast forward a year later, I have started to allow PolyHubby and BoyFren massage the outside of my anus during PIV intercourse, and I find that I enjoy it. They both joke about anal sex a lot, not wanting to pressure me, but obviously it is something they want. I let them play with the outside of my anus for about a week before I encourage one of them to lube up their finger and lightly finger me.

This time we take things incredibly slow. We use a lot of lube. And he stops every time I wince or breathe differently from normal. The finger gives me a pleasurable sensation, but I'm not fond of them thrusting their fingers inside of me. For about another week or two I encourage them to gently finger my butt when we have PIV sex.

One night I'm feeling rather adventurous, and I am incredibly turned on, I find myself thrusting back onto their finger while I'm on top. Basically, double penetration with a finger and a penis. At this point, I'm eager to try a penis in my bum again, but remembering my previous experience, I'm nervous.

The first time I have anal sex this time I lay on my back, and he inserts his penis. Laying there, wincing at every movement, I remember reading something about how anal sex is more comfortable for women when they are in control. I file this away to remember next time.

We don't finish having anal and jump in the shower to clean up. Soon after I had the opportunity to work with The Kink Factory and requested Jewel Butt Plug Training Kit for review. Not long after I had the kit and a new tail! Since receiving my package, I have worn the small plug multiple times and have plans to implement a training routine.

The second time we had anal sex I wore the small butt plug for a bit before we started foreplay. I find it easiest to put in the butt plug while using a clitoral toy. Anyway, when we had anal sex the second time I was on top and guided most of the movements. This time it was more pleasurable for me, and I didn't feel like there was an uncomfortable pressure in my intestines.

The plan you see here is just an example of what my month may look like. Remember, when anal
training do only what you are most comfortable with, do not push yourself, go slow, and take breaks. The training plan I have made is just to get me used to having something in my butt. Even though I have had anal sex twice in the past month, it still feels like I need to have a bowel movement when there is a plug or penis in my anus.

As I mentioned before, the plugs I currently have are only to help me get used to having something in my butt. Once I am over the feeling of needing to go to the restroom when something is in my bum, I will move up to another style of anal training kits: the Silicone Anal Dilator Butt Plug Kit. This kit is to help me move up in sizes at my anal sphincters.

This is just my experience and small amount of advice thus far in my anal training and anal sex adventure. When practicing anal sex, please remember that the anus does not produce lubricant on its own and you should use a lot of lube. A. Lot. Also, remember to go slow. If it hurts, stop. If you tear and begin bleeding you should see a doctor. And finally, never go from anus to vagina (or mouth) as this can cause infections.
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