Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Monthly Round-Up & Goals: Blowjobs, Rope Bondage, & Escape Rooms

Goals For October. . . .

I feel like this post is a little early. I had a review planned for today but wanted to let the eggs sit properly before taking my pictures and I can't rightly post a review without pictures, can I?! That being said, I present to you a couple days too early roundup.
  • Finish erotica - Last month I planned to write an erotica. I started it but never finished. I have had trouble finding time to research my topic in the depth I want to in between everything else I am doing! This month, I plan to set aside time each day to research and write on the piece. I have it scheduled to be posted by mid-October.
  • Read another writing book - I got my fill of zombies this month and want to read The New New Journalism: Conversations with America's Best Nonfiction Writers on Their Craft. A book I bought a couple of months back and haven't had the chance to read. I finally finished Bird by Bird and want to read something else relative to my college classes. I have a couple of books to choose from, but this is the one calling out to me the loudest.
  • Guest post once a week - Again, this one is being left on my roundup because I didn't do it last month. This month I have a better plan and will get this goal off my list! I want to not only get my name out there but build my portfolio more. I am itching to get some great content out there on other's blogs. Maybe even trade a couple! If you are a blogger who is interested in trading guest posts with me, feel free to pitch at polyloveandsex@gmail.com.
  • Give more blowjobs - Yes. This one, too. I gave a total of 2 blowjobs this month and feel horrible about it. The biggest part of me wanting to give more blowjobs is that it makes my partners feel good. But a side note is that many other people I follow or look up to enjoy giving blowjobs. I'm dying to know their secret. Like with my previous goal, I have a better plan in place.  

Things I Did in September. . . . .

  • I struck two goals off of my list this month! I read more zombie books, BOOK TITLE, being my favorite. And I have started on an erotica. Technically, I didn't strike that goal off my list completely, but I did get started on it.  
  • I finished Bird After Bird, a book on writing and life, by Anne Lamott. I greatly enjoyed it and recommend it to anyone who is looking to better their writing. I have even found that it is relevant to the Creative Writing class I am taking now and have used examples from the book in our class discussions.  
  • I gained 8 pounds. I know this isn't a big deal, but I have put myself on a workout routine to lose weight. It's a little upsetting that I am gaining instead. This month I might be tweaking my diet a bit to help with that.
  • I joined two new affiliate programs this month! Check out Luvoqua and Peepshow Toys, use the discount codes in my sidebar for some awesome discounts.
  • PolyHubby and I had an amazing night out. We had a delicious dinner of steak and potatoes and then checked out an "Escape the Room" attraction. You can read a bit about our hilarious deeds that night in this twitter thread.
  • BoyFren and I tried rope bondage for the first time. I think it turned out fantastic for a first attempt. I look forward to trying more knots and designs with him. 
  • Finally, I quit Facebook! Facebook has been a huge factor in my depression and procrastination. I have been off of the time-sucking social media app for approximately four weeks and it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I have more time, I feel more productive, I get more done, and best of all, I don't feel as lonely

Things I Enjoyed in September. . . 

  • This month I set a content schedule for my blog and have enjoyed how much easier it has made my life! If you are a blogger, I highly recommend planning out for a couple of months. It is so freeing.
  • I found a kitten this month. While that isn't a great thing (I'm not supposed to have animals), I have enjoyed spending time with her. She is super cute and cuddly. I didn't realize how much I missed having a pet to curl up with, I'm going to hate seeing her go.

Coming Up in October. . . .

  • Blog posts featuring jealousy management tips, adventures in rope bondage, the much-anticipated erotica I am working on, and tips for a safe and sexy Halloween! 
What did you do during September? What do you look forward to doing in August?

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