Friday, September 29, 2017

Primal Hardwere's G'lorp is a Beast!

G'lorp beside a Galaxy S7
After reviewing the Squick for Primal Hardwere, I was excited to get my hands on the G'lorp. Their silicone is exquisite, and I love how ovipositors feel. I reached out to LoneWolf, the owner, and was met with concern over the size of the device. I assured him that I would be able to take the girth and most of the length (up to 8 inches), but I was worried about passing a gelatin egg through the toy and how the girth would be affected.

Thankfully, LoneWolf was prepared for this and offered a compromise. The G'lorp is meant to be used with the Larger Egg Mold. With the large egg, which is round and measures 2⅜ inches around, in the shaft of the toy it measures at 10¼ inches around.

LoneWolf recommended trying the G'lorp with the medium sized eggs (Egg Mold). These are more of an egg shape and are 1⅝ x 2⅝ before insertion. He also recommended an insertion tool to help get the eggs into the toy before manually pushing them up the length of the G'lorp. Since the G'lorp is so much longer than the Squick, the insertion tool makes sliding the eggs through the toy and into my body much easier. After coming to this compromise, I asked them to surprise me with the colors (as I did with the Squick) and the G'lorp came out just as gorgeous as my first ovipositor.

Foamy, gross looking eggs
Of course, every toy is going to come out different, but I want to touch on the color scheme they picked for me because it is perfect! LoneWolf took the time to talk with me and find out what sort of colors I like. When designing my toy, they chose shimmery pinks and purples for the shaft, a glittery black for the base, and glow in the dark tendrils. It is beautiful! The first few hours after getting the G'lorp was spent stroking the silicone and marveling at the color combination.

The G'lorp measures 12¼" in length with 11¼" being insertable. I can only get up to around 8 inches inserted, but it is enough to feel all of the wonderful textures the G'lorp has to offer. It is narrow at the tip measuring 7 inches around and widens to 8½" inches at the base. The G'lorp weighs approximately 2.6 lbs, and I have found that I cannot use the toy alone. The length plus the weight makes it nearly impossible to use solo - at least for me!

The size of the toy also makes cleaning it a hassle. When using the G'lorp we make a huge mess, there is a lot of foreplay and lube that goes into warming up and playing with the toy. Since it's a pain in the ass to clean and I get messy anyway, I just take a shower and clean the G'lorp in the shower while I wash up.

Tip of the G'lorp
The tip of the toy has five nubs around the "top" and two lips encircling the bottom. The shaft of the toy is very textured and features a series of ridges along the "top" and a line of bumps going down the underside. About halfway down the single line of bumps turns into three lines of bumps and the top of the toy features an almost honeycomb texture. There is a large base that features eight tendrils that vary in length and tickle your labia, lips, cheeks, and anus during use. I have found that you can insert one of these tendrils into your anus while using the ovipositor in your vagina and it feels amazing!

The first time I used the G'lorp, I felt like I was trying to figure out a menstrual cup for the first time again. The tip is relatively flexible and can be difficult to use on people with small orifices. I am one of those people. We wound up folding the tip, like a menstrual cup, using the top nub to get things going, and a lot of lube! Ovipositors are not meant for a quick masturbation session or a clean scene. You will use a ton of lube getting the toy inserted and getting the eggs to glide through the shaft.

Beautiful honeycomb pattern
As with the Squick, you will want to lube the inside and outside of the toy as well as the eggs. You will also want to insert the egg into the ovipositor before putting it into your body. To do this, put the egg into the insertion tool and slide the G'lorp over the tool. The opening at the base of the toy makes this a bit easier, but it does take some getting used to to do it well. Unlike the Squick, the medium and larger eggs were easier to feel once they were inserted.

With practice, you or your partner can use the G'lorp to thrust with. This enhances the feeling of the ridges and honeycomb texture. I especially enjoy how the ribs feel rubbing against my labia. The silicone is so soft that it is more like a massage than an abrasive rubbing (as I have found most textured toys to feel).

Penis in vagina intercourse is more complicated with the medium and larger eggs as they take up more room. I have found that the larger ones push against my cervix more and uncomfortably rub on PolyHubby. The biggest egg was also somewhat uncomfortable during insertion, as LoneWolf feared. I feel like if I were more aroused, this wouldn't have been a problem. Another difference I noticed in the different egg sizes was that the bigger and medium-sized eggs were easier to push out when we were finished playing.

Eggs & their molds with pen for size
When making the eggs, it is recommended that you use 1/2 cup of water to one ounce of gelatin. The medium sized eggs take 3 ounces, and since I was making both the large and medium, I went ahead and made 8 ounces. The 8 ounces was way too much, but I still wound up with a lot of foam (as you can see in my pictures). I recommend using an extra half ounce of gelatin with any mix because I find that it is challenging to get the right consistency without creating foam.

Not only have I had problems with foam, but it is also difficult for me to pour them. The video makes it look easy to pour the gelatin into the molds, but I made the biggest mess every time I made new eggs. Something I found to ease this process was to place the egg molds on a cookie sheet before I started pouring and to make a little extra gelatin.

The G'lorp is a massive toy that I am proud to add to my collection. The colors on mine are beautiful, and the material feels luxurious (but it is a bit of a lint magnet). I would totally recommend the G'lorp for any size Queen or King who knows they enjoy girthy toys and want to explore or already enjoy ovipositors. Have you ever used a toy that lays eggs inside you? What was your experience?

I was sent the G'lorp for free in exchange for my unbiased and honest opinion.

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