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Have a Spoopy Halloween with the Fleshlight Freaks Cyborg Set

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Fleshlight Freaks Cyborg Set
 I've never really been big on Halloween. Sure, when I was a kid I loved dressing up and getting free candy. Some of my favorite memories of my siblings were sitting around with our Halloween loot, trading licorice and Milky Ways for Twix and Smarties. But going all out, decorating, the appeal that most people find in the holiday doesn't speak to me in the same way. That's not to say that I don't enjoy looking at the decorations or the costumes, but I enjoy doing those things year round. That said, I came across the Fleshlight Freaks line a couple of years ago, during the summer and was instantly obsessed.

When Kitten from KittenBoheme posted on Twitter about wanting to review Halloween themed toys, I suggested the Freaks Series. Of course, I tagged Fleshlight, but I didn't expect them to reply. I certainly didn't expect for them to offer to send me something from the Freaks Line for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. I want to make a note here that the Fleshlight social media manager is terrific.

Details on the side of the
Anyway, I was asked what my preferences were and being unable to choose between the vampire and the cyborg toys, I asked them to surprise me. I have to say, I was delighted with their choice. Fleshlight sent me a Cyborg dildo with the matching Cyborg Fleshlight. Upon receiving the package, I tore into it, not waiting for PolyHubby to get home as I usually do, and starting palming the material.
The Cyborg dildo is made of a very firm, sticky, purple silicone with an almost metallic sheen to it. Hair, lint, and everything else in the air sticks to it, and it has a lot of drag if you don't use enough lube with it. Even running my hands along it, I can feel it sticking to my skin.

The drag and texture can make the Fleshlight Freaks Cyborg dildo uncomfortable to use without lube. It has deep ridges on its head that tried to drag my labia into my vaginal canal the first time I used it. I quickly learned that using this dildo was going to be like having anal sex, if you think you have enough lube, you should probably apply a bit more anyway.

Deep ridges and pointy
This is the first firm dildo I have ever used with this much texture, and I didn't warm up properly before my first experience with it. I found myself adding more and more lube as I tried to take the 7.5 inches of insertable length and 5.5-inch circumference and not enjoying the stimulation at all. I took a break, used my Tango, and went back to it after getting off. The texture was still too much for me. The ridges in the head and the odd little "dot" on the tip of it wasn't doing it for me.

PolyHubby recommended that I try flipping it around. With the Tango firmly pressed to my clit, I flipped it over while it was still inserted - that was an interesting feeling! Once it was flipped, it felt much better. The deep ridges on the head were then rubbing against the back of vaginal wall rather than grating my g-spot. Instead, the less intense ridges on the bottom and sides stimulated my vaginal opening.

Using the Fleshlight Freaks Cyborg dildo upside down not only felt better, but it was easier to hold onto this way as well. It is made of solid silicone, which makes it a heavy and difficult to hold if lube gets on your hands. I find that having it upside down gives you more leverage and makes it easier to thrust with.

I can feel every detail of the texture while using it; while this is great, it can be a pain to clean. I usually shower after masturbating or having sex so I just clean mine in the shower with Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Liquid Soap. This ensures that I get every crack and crevice - then I just let it air dry and store it in the plastic clamshell and box that it came in.

Beautiful Cyborg labia
The Fleshlight, on the other hand, takes a couple more steps to clean. Since this is PolyHubby's toy I usually leave the cleaning to him. He removes the sleeve from the casing and cleans everything with the same soap I use. Once it is completely dry he puts cornstarch (or renewing powder) on the sleeve, the cap back on the Fleshlight, and stores it in his bedside table.

It came with a sample packet of lube that he used up during the first use. The lube was decent but nothing to write home about. Using the toy is what you really came here to read about anyway, right?

All traditional sized Fleshlights are bulky and can become a bit cumbersome during more extended uses and the Fleshlight Freaks Cyborg is no exception. Likewise, the Fleshlight Freaks Cyborg is made of the same material and is the same color as most traditional Fleshlight toys. The opening of the toy features details similar to those on the dildo and large, beautiful labia.

Matching details
(Note: When I went to grab links for this review, I noticed that the Cyborg dildo on the website is silver. I'm slightly upset that we got a bland one while there is a beautiful silver one out there!)

Right inside the opening, there is a series of tight circular ridges and just past that is a more gentle design that reminds me of a motherboard. Directly after the motherboard texture there is a series of bumps that are similar to the design on the outside of the toy, a tighter portion, and then more of the design from the outside of the toy.

You can't really see any of this if you try to turn the sleeve inside out, and if you are on the larger side of average, you may not be able to feel the distinct difference between the textures. There is an insertable length of 8.5 inches, and PolyHubby is around 8 inches long. He found the final texture just outside of his reach unless he pushed the top of the sleeve into his pelvic bone. The texture wasn't overwhelming but was stimulating enough to be greatly enjoyable.

We used both the dildo and the masturbator side by side, and it was a delightful experience. I fantasized about having an orgy with robots while he took mental notes for my review. He's such an amazing husband. When all was said and done we had a great time with the Fleshlight Freaks Cyborg set and have decided that we want to collect them all. I can see us using these on Halloween night for some spoopy fun. Which set are you lusting after the most?


Note: I received both of these products for free from Fleshlight in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own. Also, this review contains affiliate links. Purchasing from an affiliate link does not cost you anything extra, but I do earn a commission from it. 

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