Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Review: SheVibe Fantasy Coloring Book

I use coloring books for my anxiety and depression; they also play a massive part in my DD/lg kink. When I am feeling particularly little and, or anxious, I'll pull out my coloring books and colored pencils, sit on the floor, and go to town! I've colored mandalas, faces, original pieces, zen tangles, and so much more. So, you can imagine my delight when SheVibe offered to let me review the Fantasmic #NSFW Coloring Book (illustrated by Alex Kotkin).

Alex Kotkin is an artist who has done work for DC, IDW, BDI, and Zenescope. While in this review we are focusing on his drawing skills, he is also known for his work with Copic markers. He has done a good bit of work with SheVibe, but if you want to check out his other work, you can find it on

SheVibe offers a variety of coloring books including totally curvy, totally naughty, totally SheVibe, creative cursing (wishlist!), and of course the Fantasmic #NSFW Coloring Book. I'm a huge fan of science fiction and fantasy, so the last coloring book had me hooked on just the cover! Between the covers are saytrs, cat women, vampires, and so much more!

The pairings are endless, with a couple of orgies and threesomes. My favorites are the futanari couple on the beach, the cowgirl and barmaid in the bar, and the solo scene with tentacles. If none of these scenes tease you, I'm sure there is something in the coloring book that will strike your fancy.

Content aside, the quality is fantastic! I have only colored a couple of pages, and my goal is to color from cover to cover. I did have one small issue with an early picture, one of the breasts didn't have a nipple, and I had to draw it in myself. This is a tiny issue that is understandable, and if that is my only issue with the book, that should speak measures for the coloring book!

There isn't any representation of different body sizes, breasts sizes, or races, but there are a lot of fantasy creatures and a wide variety of different species. Most of the pages have a detailed background and incredibly detailed characters. If you're looking for more examples of the artist style for their coloring books, just turn to their website. Their entire site is decorated with comics that feature a similar style to that in the coloring books!

Alex Kotkin does a beautiful job in providing enough detail to guide you in your coloring experience, but not too much as to hinder where you can and cannot place shadows. As you can see in the pieces, I've colored there is plenty of room and freedom to exercise your creativity.

While the pages are quality material, I would only recommend using colored pencils or crayons in this coloring book, unless you know for sure that your markers won't bleed through. The pages are double sided, so if you do experience bleed through, it may ruin your coloring potential on the other side of the page. I do wish that the coloring book pages were one-sided as I would love to frame some of the pieces in my house, but I don't want to cover up another beautiful piece.

I received the Fantasmic #NSFW Coloring Book for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own. I highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys coloring and loves erotic art. This post contains affiliate links. Using my affiliate link does not cost you anything extra, but a small percentage of the sale goes to help support my blog!

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