Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Review: FunFactory Fun Cups, Size B

I first learned about the Fun Factory Fun Cups through reviews from other sex bloggers on twitter. I immediately fell in love with the idea of one of my favorite sex toy companies making menstrual cups. When SheVibe emailed me about reviewing them, I could not take them up on their offer quick enough! I received size B, the size recommended for women who have heavy flows, have had a child, or find that smaller sized cups do not seal correctly. They also have an “explore kit” if you are unsure which size is the best fit for you!

When I received the box with my Fun Cups, I tore into the box and immediately started ooh-ing and awe-ing at the quality of the silicone and the storage bag. I then pouted for an entire month about my period ending just before the cups arrived. I have never in my life pouted over the lack of menstruation. When my flow came the following month, I was delighted and eager to try out my Fun Cups. I went over the instructions once more and then got to work.

Before you use your Fun Cups (or any menstrual cup) for the first time (and between each cycle) you should boil them to ensure they are completely sterilized and safe to use. After they are boiled and when you are ready to use the Fun Factory Fun Cups get in a comfortable position on your toilet, or squatted in your tub, fold the cup, and insert it.

That makes it sound easy! There are a ton of guides online and in the included booklet, but I find the “C-fold,” where you simply fold the opening of the cup in half, and the “Punch Down” fold, which is where you push one edge down before folding the cup in half. Which method you find the most comfortable depends on your personal choices – I recommend experimenting until you find a fold you like.

The Fun Factory Fun Cups are made of high-quality silicone and have a short, almost non-existent stem. The “stem” has some raised circles on it to help with gripping, but I find that I need to really pinch the cup as the grips don’t do much for me. The cup also must be twisted 360 degrees after being inserted to ensure it is sealed. I find that pushing a little on the side to see if there is a seal helps to ease my fears that it may not have properly suctioned.

I have found that unlike with the Diva Cup, I do need to wear a panty liner with the Fun Cups otherwise I leak a little bit. It is not so much to turn me away from using the cups, but it is enough to make me a little self-conscious about it. All in all, I really love the Fun Factory Fun Cups from SheVibe. They do have their drawbacks, but I still have a lot to learn about menstrual cups.

This product was provided for free by SheVibe in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. This review contains affiliate links, while it doesn’t cost you any extra to shop via my links, I do get a small portion of every sale made from them. Thank you for reading and your continued support. 

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